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week fourteen

Hola Everyone,

Feliz Navidad! I´m excited to get to talk to my family this week on Christmas! I thought there might be some time today to do Christmas shopping… but turns out washing your clothes by hand takes just about eternity. 388 more words


What to Do After You Enter Through the Door

Growing in Christ
Dear Friend, this article is primarily for people who have already entered through the “Door” of Life by accepting Jesus Christ as their Saviour. 899 more words

Jesus Christ


December 22, 2014

Buenas Amigos y Familia,

Well as the title says, I HAD A BAPTISM!!! Hermano Fransisco got baptized Saturday and that was a interesting experience… LOL So he’s about 77 years old and he can’t hear very well nor understand things well. 488 more words

Letters, Emails

My Spiritual Journey

So last year for an English assignment, we were given the opportunity to write a five page paper on a life changing event. Well I tried and I tried and I tried and could only think of my story to the baptismal font. 2,609 more words


The 4th Sunday of Advent, 2014

Late again. I watched the Cardinal’s game last night and forgot to post.

As part of my duties in the Community of Solitude I have to have a spiritual director and meet with that person for at least six month before moving on to the next stage. 579 more words


Life Is Going To Kill You

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If you came to Christianity thinking you’re going to have your best life now, or that it can help you quit all of your bad habits, or that you can have a victoriously vanquishing of all enemies-foreign or domestic, or that Christianity is a self-help religion to lift yourself by your own bootstraps, you might want to try another religion. 702 more words

It's Been a While

since I have written about anything BDSM-related. I’ve been in a relationship where I have had to assume the role of trainer as opposed to my role of trainee, which initially felt super awkward like being a child emperor of the song dynasty or something. 577 more words