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How Southern Baptists became pro-life

By David Roach – Posted at Baptist Press:

NASHVILLE (BP) — In 1979, Larry Lewis picked up a copy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and saw a full-page ad listing the Southern Baptist Convention among denominations that affirmed the right to abortion. 144 more words

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Arguments on TX abortion regulations bill heard | Baptist Press

NEW ORLEANS (BP) — In what could be a precedent-setting case, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit heard arguments in Whole Woman’s Health v. 132 more words


America awaits justices' action on same-sex marriage | Baptist Press

WASHINGTON (BP) — The wait for the U.S. Supreme Court to announce it is ready to provide a verdict on same-sex marriage may be near an end. 96 more words


Survey: most churchgoers won't skip church for football | Baptist Press

NASHVILLE (BP) — Most American churchgoers would rather attend church than watch their favorite football team, a LifeWay Research study shows. But a few die-hard fans are willing to miss out on worship to watch a game. 60 more words

MISSIONS: How God is at work in Abidjan | Baptist Press

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ivory Coast was the country of focus for the 2014 International Mission Study by Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU). Find resources to support the study at wmu.com/IMS and imb.org/ims. 100 more words


Small, rural church gives 30% through CP | Baptist Press

ALMYRA, Ark. (BP) — Some might say trusting God comes easily for the farming families who make up the majority of the members of Almyra First Baptist Church. 118 more words


Porn 'damages & degrades' relationships | Baptist Press

NASHVILLE (BP) — A new study concluding that pornography use leads to decreased enjoyment of sexual intimacy for men illustrates “the detrimental effect” obscene images have on “a male’s sexual health,” a leader of Southern Baptists’ anti-pornography campaign told Baptist Press. 41 more words