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QUOTE (J. Edwin Orr) - April 22

“The life of the majority of churches and societies is sub-normal, stunted in growth, paralyzed instead of powerful. What is the trouble? It is just general backsliding…Churches, and all other groups of Christians, are just like individuals–either they are growing in grace or else they are backsliding…Pretence and disappointment-disappointment and pretence. 130 more words


Reprove the works of darkness

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them

Unfortunately today, people, mere men, such as the pope, and popular “church” leaders, are preaching the same satanic message. 1,155 more words


Special People

It’s throwback Tuesday in my head…

Jesus, Jesus, He is the son of God
Jesus, Jesus, the precious son of God
Sweetest Rose of Sharon came to set us free…

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Jesus Loves You

I have a brother, almost three years younger than me. When I was seven and eight, he was only four and five, and almost a full-time job for my mother. 837 more words

That's Life


Charles Spurgeon…April 25th, 1889

“Joash thought that he had done very well when he had shot three times, and that Elisha would pat him on the back, and say, “how well you have done!” That kind of feeling creeps over many workers for the Lord. 195 more words


Religion and Animals

I believe animals have rights. The right to live. The rights not to be abused, tortured, exploited, enslaved. They have as much right to be on this Earth as we have. 207 more words