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Dan Being Pro-Gay Isn't the Issue

Two days ago, Jars of Clay lead-singer and front man Dan Haseltine took to twitter to begin voicing his concerns with Christian objections to same-sex marriage, asking the questions: 1,101 more words

is it that westernized Christianity has a problem a sexual Jesus? In one of my favorite books and which I used to title this initial blog, author Dale B. 557 more words


Was Jesus Married?

A couple of days ago, on the news, there was a big headline that there was now proof that Jesus was married. This “evidence” consisted of a scrape of paper that said,” Jesus said to them, ‘My Wife …’” The first thing I said to my wife was. 975 more words

Why 'Baptist'?

I consider myself to be an independent, fundamental Baptist; but it’s not because that’s what my parents are. The word ‘Baptist’ holds a lot of history, and meaning; both of which convey an impression of myself to people I know. 200 more words


Baptist Dysfunction #1

I have so encouraged to see a resurgence among young independent fundamental baptists calling for a revolution back to truth. It is encouraging to hear the stories from so many who are prayerfully seeking balance in their faith, their families, and their ministries.   1,219 more words


10 Reasons Why I think David Cameron Thinks Britain is a Christian Country.

SO after being inundated with posts like these - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27105023 in regards to good ole Britain still being a Christian nation, I honestly couldn’t think of one reason why Cameron would make such a claim like this. 203 more words

Lordship Salvation is Biblical Historic Protestant Teaching (Dr. James White)

This is Dr. James White’s opening statement from the second half of his debate with Dr. James Wilkin on Lordship Salvation.