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Ploughing and scattering

For most folk nowadays, the simple parables of the Lord need explaining in two ways: not only what they mean, but actually what activities like scattering the seed and bringing in the sheaves might be; the agricultural metaphors which came so naturally to Jesus do so less easily in our urban society. 510 more words


The Faith of Sacrifice

The Faith of Sacrifice

Genesis 22:1-19

1. The Person of the Sacrifice and the Sacrificial Offering (vv. 1-2).

2. The Place of the Sacrifice (vv. 3-4). 61 more words


Sunday Morning with Almost-90 President Carter

President Carter Says China is Headed Toward Having the World’s Largest Christian  Population

  As usual, when he is there, the Maranatha Baptist  Church at Plains, Georgia was packed Sunday morning.  238 more words


Baptists and Baptism: Correcting a Communication Problem

What happens when a beloved doctrine is misconstrued to lead to disobedience to Jesus? Baptists are always faced with a dilemma with regard to their doctrine of baptism, at least intellectually. 1,232 more words


When Evil Covers the Earth

Sermon Points -

When Evil Covers the Earth

Genesis 6:1-22

1. Evil Grieves the Heart of God (vv. 1-6).
Jude 6; Matthew 24:37-38

2. God Does Not Tolerate Evil; But He Does Give Grace (vv. 31 more words


After Slovyansk was liberated - a glimpse into evangelical activities.

(Mostly russian articles linked in this post)
Try to get any idea of what is happening in the eastern regions of Ukraine!
I’ve looked at a few headlines today. 902 more words



Maybe it’s the abundance of B.C. bud that explains why so many Vancouver bands tune low and play slow.  (Saaaaay maaaan, you in The Union?)  Cuz even if the city has a history of environmentalism, they’re sure dumping a whole buncha toxic sludge into the local music scene!  159 more words