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Texas Minister Forces Girl To Take Kiddie Porn Selfies

As a bonus, we’ve unearthed the good pastor’s recent “Ice Bucket Challenge” video on YouTube. Of course in his case, the cold shower was probably more about controlling an erection than fighting ALS… 97 more words


Letter One By Mrs. Marjorie Bond

1505 Scotland Street Calgary, Alberta October 5, 1959

Dr. C.D. Cole
746 W. Noel
Rt. 2
Madisonville, Kentucky

My Dear Dr. Cole:

Although I am a total stranger to you, my parents have known Dr. 2,616 more words


Televangelist Lavishes Concern On Swollen Penises Of Congregants

For the first time in his life, renowned TV preacher and nonagenarian toupee mannequin Ernest Angley is on the receiving end of a deep probe he… 330 more words


To Become a Southern Baptist... Or Not...?

During my freshman year of college, as I was searching for a new church to be part of, I ran into a problem. This is an excerpt from my freshman year journal/blog… 397 more words

Creature-Creators and The Creator

(Inspired by Edith Schaeffer’s book The Art of Homemaking. Previously appeared in Reformed Perspectives)

Man was created to create
creativity comes out at his fingertips; 110 more words


Pimped-Out Pastor Guilty On Wire Fraud, Embezzlement Charges

Because, you know, a Rolex and a mink are essential accoutrements for espousing the poverty-fetishizing gospel of that hippie Jesus Christ…

TULSA, OK—Willard Lenord Jones, 63, of Tulsa, church pastor and former Executive Director of the Greater Cornerstone Community Development Project, pleaded guilty today before United States District Judge John E.

157 more words

Coked-Up Pastor With AIDS Fucks Parishioners

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A pastor shocked his Montgomery, Ala., congregation and the entire community with the admission that he had sex with female church members…

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