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The BAR Associations: Modern day grifters

Marti Oakley


This is no different than if bank robbers formed a union and then voted to give themselves immunity from prosecution, based on the idea that without immunity they might be afraid to rob any more banks.

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Guardianship Abuse

No Explanation Needed

What does it all mean?

Pundits on every channel.

Idiots abound.



From Famous to Infamous Over Again

With the retirement of two icons of the 1995  O.J. Simpson trial — one a household name, the other not quite as famous — the tables seem to have turned, so far as mention in the news and on social media is concerned. 617 more words


Getting The Best Solicitor To Win Your Case

It is quite likely that you will need the help of an attorney at some point. Do you know how to hire one? What do you think your relationship with your Solicitor will be like? 381 more words

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Faking A 'Rolling Stone' Magazine Cover

On the last day before the holiday court break 20 years ago, I wrote this haiku:

He will have arrived

If he makes Rolling Stone cover. 48 more words


'Juror Problems' Before Selection is Complete

Time for preempt’ries.

Not yet! First a closed hearing.

A “juror issue.”


Jury selection was about to be completed with lawyers exercising the final challenges so 12 alternate jurors could join the 12 regular jurors who had already been selected. 34 more words