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Beware Juror Wannabes

As Simpson trial jury selection progresses

Some want to be here.

Others voice their reticence.

Who will be chosen?



Royko Unleashes a Flood

 Royko takes a stand.

    Should Judge Ito pull the plug?

    Write and let him know.


Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko invites readers to let Judge Ito know if they think he should ban cameras at the trial.


Day 6

The fall semester started with full steam ahead.

Being on an academic scholarship, my preoccupation with maintaining a high GPA took precedence over anything else going on and it caused some tunnel vision. 298 more words

Committees Recommend All Missouri's Non-Partisan Judges be Retained

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Committees representing the state Bar Association are recommending all 50 of Missouri’s non-partisan judges be retained in advance of the Nov. 4 general election. 198 more words


What will we look like in 2024?

I remember that as a child I could not wait to grow up. Do you remember that feeling as a kid? “Why does life seem so slow?” “I feel as though I have been 11 forever, will I ever turn 12?” Ah’, those were the days. 752 more words

What I do to live with no bank accounts, credit cards, and ID?

I build websites, and I service computer networks. I work on internet websites using C-Panel and Microsoft. I’ve done Novell, linux, Cisco, Dell, HP, Compaq, Citrix. 198 more words