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Iffy's (Washington Ave, Albany, New York)

  Leif and Cat regurgitate:

This one scared us, folks. I’m not gonna lie. Iffy’s is possibly the only bar in Albany where you can get a beer at 8 in the morning and not even feel weird about it.   692 more words

Bar Review

Hill Street Cafe (Madison Ave, Albany New York)

  Leif and Cat Review:

The Hill Street is a cozy little bar with darts, a sunny back room, twenty beers on tap, and a stained glass turtle in the window. 234 more words

Bar Review

Player 1 Video Game Bar

On my 28th birthday my wife and I checked out a Bar & arcade called Player 1. Right  outside the gates of Disney World nestled in a nondescript strip mall, Player 1 is a haven for retro-gamers with a taste for unique craft beers. 351 more words


Palais Royale (Jefferson Street, Albany, New York)

Cat Drunkenly Ruminates:

So the last time I was at the Palais Royale, Leif was with me. He’d said that, according to legend anyway, the Palais  Royale is a favorite bar among Albany servers. 525 more words

Bar Review

New Madison Grille (Madison Avenue, Albany, New York)

 Cat Reflects:

The New Madison Grille is  the clown car of bars. Small and unassuming on the outside, people pack in there like sardines and come piling out by the dozen to smoke and socialize on the sidewalk between rounds. 372 more words

Bar Review

Howl at the Moon

I’ve heard of “dueling piano” bars before, but i’ve never really understood the concept. Do they both play different songs on different sides of the bar? 697 more words

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