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Parish Public House (Broadway, Albany, New York)

We hated the Parish Public House. Yeh, I’m just gonna say it. Although the atmosphere seemed nice enough at first – very old building in a historical part of a very old city, funky copper accents, shaker-inspired wooden furniture… this place quickly lost our interest with its beer, its menu, and its dirty taps. 418 more words

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The Intrepid Fox, Archway

Have you been to the Intrepid Fox yet because it always looks busy?

“Well, the Holocaust was busy, but that wasn’t good.”

Comments like these put me off a place quicker than picturing Margret Thatcher with a boner. 369 more words


Don't worry

Thank you, Prof. Balmes for this very timely reminder :-)

Druthers Brewery (Broadway, Saratoga Springs, New York)

Druther’s has an ample patio, but it was hot so I chose to sit inside at the bar. I can’t say I thought much of the atmosphere – too spartan-sporty for my taste – but the crowd was friendly, the bartenders warm and helpful, and holy GOD the beer! 356 more words

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Julep Adventures Volume I

Mint Juleps:
If you follow my Instagram and/or Twitter, you would have seen more than a few photos of Mint Juleps going up lately. When the weather turns warm and the sun sets late, all I want to do is spending a sunny afternoon with the perfect summer drink–bourbon slightly spiced with mint and sweetened, topped with a mountain of crushed ice. 812 more words

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Barenz, Camden NSW

Disclaimer: Ugh.. I’ve misplaced my hard drive with all my Europe pictures #sadface. So here’s a super old review I found in the archives until I get all my pretty pics up!! 224 more words