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Just Pour The Drinks

Hey Lloyd, there’s a problem with the order for table 3.

What do you need?

See, I thought they had ordered rum and coke, but it turns out the guy was just talking to his friend about other drinks they had here and he wasn’t actually.

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Professional Development

I had such direction in high school...




 In high school I knew what I was doing with my life. I was going to college. I was going to major in English. I was going to get a perfect GPA. 457 more words


My Second Job - Job Facts

When you go overseas the idea is to do things you wouldn’t usually do, so when presented with the opportunity of becoming a bar tender (the female version) I obviously said yes. 515 more words

Expat Life

Missing The Odd

My dad used to own a bar.  For those of you in dear old Ireland (and other places) you may refer to it as a “pub”. 442 more words

Life Chatter