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Symphonies Naturelles

Symphonies Naturelles may be about 20 minutes from Gombe, but it feels like you’ve left the hubbub of Kinshasa completely behind. According to their website, the forest is home to lots of animals including monkeys and pangolins, but we’ve never seen those. 368 more words


What Your Drink Says About You

Everyone has a signature drink they order at the bar. These drink choices can be very revealing- read my new article for The Odyssey Online and find out what your drink says about you. 6 more words


Alex and Ani "Bangle Bar" Yellow-Gold Bamboo Bangle

For an exotic and unique look, this signature Bamboo Expandable Wire Bangle comprised of ribbed and pipe metal beads. Designed to wear alone or to layer for a customized look, Alex and Ani’s patented Expandable Wire Bangle is the most innovative concept in jewelry, allowing the wearer, with the slide of a hand, to adjust the bangle for a perfect fit.

Alex and Ani Dragonfly Charm Expandable Bangle Bar Bracelet

Characterized by quick, sudden movements and a powerful wing stroke, the dragonfly uniquely changes direction on a whim. Symbolizing transition, the dragonfly has impeccable vision, which is a reminder to open one’s eyes to the beauty of life’s journey. 20 more words

Alex and Ani Piece Of The Puzzle Charm Expandable Bangle Bar Bracelet

Like a puzzle piece, every individual is shaped differently with unique talents, perspectives and beliefs. Once we share these gifts with each other, positivity will spread and hope will endure. 45 more words

Alex and Ani Bangle Bar "Turn Peace Up" Rafaelian Silver Finish Expandable Bracelet

Give your outfit a personal touch with a simple phrase of encouragement when wearing this bangle from the Alex and Ani Bangle Bar collection. Made from recycled material, you can feel good about wearing this everyday style with your favorite accessory staples.