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Yellow Democrat politicians..

Forming ‘Anonymous’ group to grab your guns..

Of course their Anonymous…They know damn well the response they’ll get if their names came out!!
But you want my guns?

Barack Hussein Obama

North Carolina Public Employee Fired Over "Racially Insensitive" Remarks?....

When you look at the remarks, one is left to wonder what about them is “racially insensitive”?

North Carolina - A Charlotte Fire Department employee is fighting her dismissal for posting a racially-charged comment on Facebook about the Ferguson police shooting. 202 more words

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If that is a racist remark then the first amendment is gone!

Another Busy Day For The President

President Obama’s war on police is getting cops executed in their squad cars, on the same day he is releasing terrorists from Guantanamo.

Saul Alinsky is no doubt smiling from beyond.

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Obama does have blood on his hands now doesn't he!


BLACK LIVES MATTER!   We’ll see if the black community listens to it’s own message.   It starts in your own house, neighborhood and communities.   Look in the mirror first; stop listening to dopes listed above.

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The problem comes from the Black inner cities and it is only those that live there that can solve the problem. Grow up, take responsibly, quit wining and get control of your children. If you don't they like so many before will end up dead (from other blacks not whites) or in jail --- is that what you really want!

The New York Police Union Responds - (Video) "The Mayor Has Blood On His Hands"...

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The New York Mayor and the Governor along with the US AG and the President and his inner circle all have blood on their hands!

A Thankless Task: The perils of fighting terrorism in a PC age

No doubt a fear of accusations of “Islamophobia” explains the astonishing fact that the Sydney jihadist was not on any terror watch list, an omission that baffled the country’s prime minister.

358 more words

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Virtually all politicians today have one thing on their minds votes and money to buy the votes. This means that they can not offend any faction no matter what that faction believes. Be it the Muslim problem the Blacks the LGBT the greens, peata, Agenda 21 or anyone else. When I ask them questions in person to any politician aon any of these subjects they claim a lack of knowledge and they will have to get back to me --- which they never do! So we need to live with the problem until it gets so bad that they are forced to do something, hopefully it will not be too late!

U.S. transfers four Guantanamo prisoners to Afghanistan

Source: Washington Post, By Adam Goldman, 12/2014

Four detainees held for more than a decade at the U.S. military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have been transferred to Afghanistan, the Pentagon announced Saturday.The Afghan detainees were released late Friday at the request of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani — an indication, one senior administration official said, “of the confidence we have in the new government” in Kabul. 56 more words

War On Terror

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They will all be gone and back on the battlefield soon!