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Gorbachev Warns of 'Terrible Slaughter' in Europe

Former Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev has warned of the dire consequences of an escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and praised Russian restraint in not becoming further involved. 397 more words


Obama e ISIL: “Non abbiamo ancora un strategia”?

E’ stata la gaffe perfetta, quando Barack Obama ha detto l’altro giorno in conferenza stampa “We don’t have a strategy yet”. Parlava di Iraq e Siria e ISIL, e ha detto “Non abbiamo ancora un strategia”. 594 more words

Barack Obama

Such a Ripp-Off

The President got a tan suit?  At least it’s not a burgundy beard! :

In other news, I’m moving and have no time to post anything else.  13 more words


Novorossiya: Putin calculates that Obama will bark and show his teeth but will not bite

Putin did not cause the descent of Ukraine into anarchy. That was the EU and the US respectively trying to expand the boundaries of Europe and NATO. 344 more words


running away ...

Obama’s “we have no plan” is genius, ISIS are on the run, tricked by those words, they are dying in their hundreds, hidden from Facebook and the Media, troops have them on the run  … 400 more words


Washington's Fascism Invading American Schools at Tax Payers' Expense

The Growth of Federal Involvement in Education

August 28, 2014 from the National Center for Policy Analysis:

Federal intervention in elementary and secondary education has exploded over the last 50 years, according to a new report for the Mercatus Center by Courtney Collins, assistant professor of economics at Rhodes College. 366 more words


A Potentially Inconvenient Truth

Michael Brown “an unarmed black teenager, riddled with bullets by a white police officer”, “killed for making mistakes” (frequently a euphemism for felonies), has been laid to rest … and elevated to martyrdom. 170 more words

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