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Can An American President Lead From A Golf Course?

President Obama ran on “hope” and “change.” He has delivered so far as we see it, on neither so far as the country is concerned, yet it seems to us that he has greatly changed the American Presidency.That is no small thing. 680 more words


The New York Times Still Faithful to Obama, Even After Six Years of Failed Presidency

I am not surprised that news reports this weekend report that Barack Obama is very “angry” about how the Ebola crisis has been handled.

Here is the weekend New York Times headline, on the top right of the very front page < 462 more words

Barack Obama

F = Failure

Sixty to seventy years ago we had a better pandemic control system in place than we do now. The difference between then and now is several trillion dollars spent by a very liberal government on drugs and systems that only serve to line the pockets of their political friends. 853 more words


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A good perspective on the dangers of a pandemic from someone who lived through the Polio pandemic in this country.

Prepare for full ocupation of Africa As we steal all their GOLD while saving them to DEATH!

DRTOA – As the US debt increases and their paper dollar collapses, the events around the world will continue to get crazy. The sick scumbags in control of this circus are ruthless. 18 more words