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Something Smells Fishy

This story came out yesterday afternoon:

A secret nighttime military mission authorized by President Obama to rescue Americans held captive in Syria failed early this summer when a team of two dozen Delta Force commandos raided an oil refinery in the northern part of the country but found after a firefight with Islamic militants that there were no hostages to be saved, administration officials said Wednesday.

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Barack Obama

INTEREST RATE RISES: stand by for the traffic accident


Overpriced stock markets have finally met Zirp interest levels. The Slog analyses why this is the unstoppable force colliding with the immovable object. 1,890 more words

Barack Obama

The Tepid Response of Barack Obama -- Obama has gone from “hot commodity to wet blanket”

By Charles Lane Opinion writer August 20 at 7:54 PM
The Washington Post

As the tumultuous situation in Ferguson, Mo., entered its second week, President Obama stood before the nation and offered a mild, balanced plea. 2,001 more words

American Journalist Beheaded

It seems that the situation is getting a little more over the line than Obama may have expected.
After a American Journalist was beheaded Yesterday (or the day before) the presence of the U.S military has increased. 388 more words


Kevin D. Williamson on Barry's Good Idea: Police Interactions Should All be on Video

National Review‘s Kevin D. Williamson writes:  Barack Obama once had a good idea, or at least half of one: As the president himself pointed out in his recent remarks on the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., during his time in the Illinois state legislature he backed a law requiring that police take video of interrogations and confessions. 520 more words

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Do you often ask yourself whether you will make it in the (near) future? Are you also trying to do your best, but still have the feeling you can do more? 359 more words