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The Guardians of Galaxy (Movie) : Jason Quill (Matthew Healy, Originally Orange Hair?) and Racoon (J K Rowling); So, what is this Paring Thing? Officially, both Matthew Healy, JK Rowling Pretend to be married with someone else, Inofficially Hook-up something?: what? Now, it's about the Sexual/Political/Business Hook-up of J K Rowling and Matthew Healy, the ex-dentist of my daughters? How long Rowling-Matthew's Sexual Hook-up will Last? The Psychotic Woman Who's Sex-life has been like Moping the Streets (with How Many Men while Pretending/having Married Life) and Matthew Healy (who had been Champion of Hooking up with College Freshgirls or Highschool-Graduate Checkout Girls-Clerks at Doctors' Offices. Are they Dreaming Illusion of Their Sexual Hook-up will last for a while? Have you think about that "Matthew who specialized in 20 year old female students or Store Clerks Bottom parts" will be OK, Last How Long with 50 year-old Mental Patient J K Rowling?) Yes. Matthew Healy is Definitely Crazy About Money and $$ Accountant, Which I hated. He always suggested Me operating Restaurant, or Doing Insurance Business, or Doing something as well as lose weight. I didn't like that part of Matthew Being Too-Concerned about Money, Small Money, instead of having Big Plan. Now he is with Psycho Rowling? How Bloody the End of them will turn out to be? and How Disasterous, Bloody that will be? Who will Win? It's Very Interesting. JK Rowling will Kill Matthew, too? or Matthew Healy will Get Rid of J K Rowling? Politically or even Physically? The Thing is, Both of them are Disasterously Greedy, Miserly, Materialistically Greedy/Vicious/Tenatious. In that Department, Both Matthew Healy and J K Rowling are Very Same Kind of Creatures ! In the form of Mid-50 Man and 50 Year Old Psycho-Old-Hack with Botox-Poissoned-Face.: Matthew Healy and J K Rowling (And Stupid Ostrich Amanda Caroll) are Useless Human Junks, Trashes ! Jerks !

The Guardians of Galaxy (Movie) : Jason Quill (Matthew Healy, Originally Orange Hair?) and Racoon (J K Rowling);

          So, what is this Sexual-Paring Thing? Officially,  both “Matthew Healy“ (Son-of-Bitch, How many years Matthew Jerk was Lieing to me? 225 more words


Barack Hussein Obama ... Islamic enemy of America

I saw a piece the other day about how a former CIA employee points out the fact that Barack Hussein is a “radical Islamic enemy of America.” Now, I don’t buy the “radical” part at all. 1,074 more words

Barack Hussein Obama

'Mysterious Forces Conspired Against Him, Terrible Setbacks Occurred for No Reason'

Nobody’s Fault: Liberals make excuses for Obama

Noemie Emery writes: All of a sudden, people have noticed that we are in trouble, and many are saying it isn’t the president’s fault. 726 more words