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How enraging is this cultish @BarackObama holiday card? It needs a 'trigger warning' for violence [photo]

Of course not! Never a cult, right guys?

The creepy cultism isn’t laid to rest even for the holidays.

No RT @BarackObama: Wish the President happy holidays.

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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

Obama thinks he is above the law so he will ignore this ruling.

I think this would help make the case against Obama… 258 more words

Black Pastor: Liberalism Is ‘Cancerous And Devastating To The Black Family’

This is from The Daily Caller.

I have considered the rape allegations against Bill Cosby to be a pack of lies.

After reading this article I think the allegations are an effort to destroy Cosby as he does not tow the race baiter line. 668 more words


This is from World Net Daily.

If Obama had any dirt on John Boehner he would be blackmailing Boehner.

After all, that is the Chicago Thug way. 445 more words

Finally! Twitter support alerted to account that keeps sending out insurance spam

Unrelenting insurance solicitations from a certain Twitter account have caused @RedSteeze to take action:

Hi @Support This account keeps sending out spam for insurance.

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'This didn't just happen ... did it?' @BarackObama wants you to 'save a donation' for this

Screw the Red Kettles! And those St. Jude kids can wait! OFA has a much more worthy cause for you to support this Christmas: 136 more words

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