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Comrade Abraham: Was President Lincoln a Closet Marxist? | Nomadic Politics

When we think of Lincoln, most of us do not consider the sixteenth president as a Marxist revolutionary.

Yet, a little research uncovers some very interesting- slightly confounding- connections between… 369 more words

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DNC chief: 'We’re going to hold the Senate'

This is from The Hill.

Life for Debbie Whatsherface Schultz must be extremely hard being a delusional as she is.

She needs to be on medication or in a straight jacket in a padded room. 244 more words

U.N. Arms Treaty – An Attempt to Disarm America

This from Patriot UpDate.

This is why we need to vote to keep the DemocRats from keeping control of the Senate.

Down deep in my heart, I feel trying to enforce this arm Treaty will trigger a Second War for Independence. 681 more words

'Very presidential'! OFA wants you to help 'stick it to climate change deniers'

Quite a professional organization the president’s got there:

This is a big moment in the fight against climate change—stick it to climate change deniers by adding your name: …

260 more words
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Illinois proves gun laws are racist

This is from Personal Liberty.

Illinois is the land of enlightened liberals like Barack Obama, Richard Dailey and  “RahmThe Ballerina” Emanuel.

Under Illinois law, a person seeking to obtain a concealed carry license — and, thus, be “legally” entitled to protect himself in that state — has to first fork over $650, plus take a 16-hour training course that requires time on a range. 459 more words

Roberts vows to ‘shut down the Senate’ if Obama empties Gitmo

This is from The Hill.

As much as I would to love seeing  Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) shut down the Senate I have a simple solution. 809 more words