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Prime Minister Stuart… all we want for Christmas is for the giant to be aroused from his slumber

It is difficult to feel cheerful in the Yuletide season when so many things in Barbados seem to be deteriorating. It is difficult to feel confident if a minister of cabinet publicly expresses his lack of confidence in how the Cabinet is managing… 606 more words


Change Fruendel, Change Chris NOW!

Submitted by Old Onion Bag

Confidence. That is what investors are looking for, but don’t have in Barbados. How much longer will it take an educated people to realize the need for change to different men in positions at the TOP if there is to be a revitalization of this our staggering and stalling economy? 353 more words


Almost one year since Forbes called Barbados 'Cyprus West' - have we changed for the better?

Has Finance Minister Sinckler done the right thing… or is the situation so far out of hand that no government could be effective now?

Barbados, “the Jewel of the Caribbean,” the tiny easternmost island in the Lesser Antilles with 288,000 year-around inhabitants and lots of very rich foreign visitors and investors, is in the throes of a financial meltdown. 112 more words


Increased Taxation Will NOT Work Mr. Sinckler. Have you ever heard of Laffer's Curve...?

Submitted by Just Thinking Economics

Who ever said that increased taxation will help Barbados out of its current mess needs to have their heads examine. We are already overly taxed and to inflict further pain…..”broadening the tax base”…. 480 more words


Does Barbados have a problem in Atlanta, Georgia?

“I have always thought if we cannot entice 320 new visitors (two full B737-800 aircraft) a week out of a population of six million who live within an hour’s drive of Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport, then we have a problem.”

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Governor Delisle Worrell Repeats Himself

The following statement was made by Governor Delisle Worrell in January 2011.

.“Barbados economy predicted to grow by 2%

The Governor of the Barbados Central Bank, Dr. 92 more words