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Connect 2014 - the most important event for Barbados tourism industry

“While all the figures are not yet a matter of public record, nearly every other Caribbean country is recording tourism growth of up to 18.6 per cent for the first six months of 2014.

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Time for the Barbados Revegetation and Restoration Act

by Born B’badian

Bajans used to have big mouths, and gossip would spread faster than lightning.  It worked to help keep people straight, cause nobody wanted to be known as a crook or a thief. 740 more words


Beware November... Let's do something about it now!

“We need to drive an additional average of 170 visitors per day over the month to get back to the highs of the previous decade.”

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Peter Boos: Barbados current economic state all about poor leadership, zero transparency and a painful business environment

Financial guru Peter Boos lays it out short and not so sweet at Caribbean360.com.

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Why are we not doing better?

There are several structural key performance indicators on which we must all focus before the economy will grow sustainably: 187 more words


Origins of the Barbados Solid Waste Tax

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Hey Boss! I just got a great idea for a new tax!

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