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down with BBT, yeah you know me (or, why you should read barbara brown taylor).

Every year, I seem to have a different author I obsess over, absorbing their thoughts as I get to know them through their writing.  Last year Madeleine L’Engle and John Green vied for a tie, although Barbara Kingsolver and Rainbow Rowell fought for glittering runner-up crowns.   756 more words

Spiritual Mentors: Barbara Brown Taylor

What if the whole Bible is less a book of certainties than it is a book of encounters, in which a staggeringly long parade of people run into God, each other, life–and are never the same again?   632 more words


When Hope Shines Brightest: A Recipe for Surviving the Dark

When Hope Shines Brightest: A Recipe for Surviving the Dark 

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(A Sermon inspired by Ezekiel 34:11-15)

At our house, we sleep with the heat turned all the way down to 55 degrees, which forces you to hunker down under layers of flannel and fleece. 2,547 more words

Blind Sight

The following is inspired by Barbara Brown Taylor’s book Learning to Walk in the Dark.

The sighted person looks at the table.  Within the blink of an eye they have taken in its size, shape and the material it is made of, then the eye moves instinctively on, to other objects and other assessments.   157 more words

God Reflections

"As You Wish..." or Not: On Following Our Own Narratives

I can quote almost the entirety of The Princess Bride.


My mom refuses to watch this cult classic film with my father, my brother, and I. 1,919 more words

Sara Barton: November Wrapup


Sara Barton returns to the show to discuss making space, the importance of The Little Way, being the first female keynote lecturer at Pepperdine Bible Lectures and why she is the president of the Jarrod McKenna fan club.

Newsworthy With Norsworthy Podcast

Downsizing a Library

When I had the privilege of presiding at the wedding of a seminary president and a professor of Homiletics, both dear friends, I told them, in the homily, that I wasn’t nearly as concerned about the long-time viability of their relationship as I was about how in the world they would manage the challenge of combining two large personal libraries. 896 more words