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prayer: then & now.

The gift arrived on a Sunday morning.

My husband and I sat cozied together on an over-sized reading chair, one of those perfect pieces of furniture that makes you wonder whether it’s built for one or for two, the kind that requires a cup of tea no matter the visitor. 570 more words

Pictures or It Didn't Happen: Barbara Brown Taylor

Images kept popping up in my mind as I thought about whether we would take a falsely intimate selfie or if we would appear stiff as the strangers we were in photograph captured by another stranger, anxiously awaiting his own 30 seconds with the famous preacher. 721 more words

Barbara Brown Taylor

Radical Shift + New Theology (9/24)

“We believe in one God who is over all and through all and in all.”

Somehow in our early education we were taught that God was up there in heaven, or somewhere else, observing, often judging and condemning us while we were down here on earth, and some would add don’t forget there was a hell below us. 655 more words

God, Trust, and Motorcycle Journeys: Part One

God, Trust, and Motorcycle Journeys: Part One

Some time back I wrote about the Patron Saint of Motorcycles. It’s in this blog and I won’t spoil your suspense by telling you who was chosen for this honor. 765 more words


I was listening to a sermon recently and the pastor pointed out how in the story of Jesus healing the man born blind (John 9), the sequence of events isn’t quite what we would expect. 360 more words

What Color Are Your Monsters' Eyes?

“After one or the other of my parents had kissed me good night and turned off the light by my bed, there was always a moment of bliss under the tent of my sheets while my eyes adjusted to the low light coming through the window…. 1,850 more words


"An Altar in the World": living in the wilderness

I am on the wait list at the library to get Barbara Brown Taylor’s new book Learning to Walk in the Dark. I have been reading quotations on her Facebook page and I even listened to an… 1,292 more words