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Fantasy Casting: Shia Labeouf and Blake Lively Should Star in "I Dream Of Jeannie" Reboot

The iconic “I Dream of Jeanine” TV series continues to be syndication decades after the last episode aired in 1970. Barbara Eden and the late… 161 more words


A Fashion Victim's Circle of Life

A bargain dangles before me and I can’t resist,
Violently plowing the aisles as I search for all things thrift,
Shoeboxes obscure my vision, lethal weapons my bags, 287 more words


Harper Valley PTA

I can’t remember if I covered Harper Valley PTA in TV In My Time or not.  I only have vague memories of seeing it a few times at Grandma’s house.   77 more words


Whoops, I melted my brain (again)!!

I have never learned my lesson.

Fifteen years as a video store manager and thousands (upon thousands and thousands) of movies later, and I still have never developed that thing the cinema buffs refer to as … taste. 652 more words

Not Sports? Tough!

Barbara Eden sitting on a trapeze

Barbara Eden: on screen from 1956 at age 22, pictured here in a promotional photograph for The Big Circus (1959), finally hit the big time on the small screen in 1965 on… 38 more words


My TV Kiss of Death

TV has always been kind of a big thing in my life. As a little kid, I was hooked on Rocky and Bullwinkle, Roy Rogers and Sesame Street, and my passion for the tube only went on from there. 836 more words