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Black Swan

Wild, woolly, and whacked-out, flamboyant and feverishly psycho, Black Swan is a baroque thriller set in New York’s ballet demimonde; a near-irresistible tale of one ballerina’s psychosexual, phantasmagoric freakout; and a slow creep into insanity with a sensationalistic fairy-tale allure. 605 more words


The Right Stuff

“The Right Stuff” (1983) was nominated for Best Picture and lost to “Terms of Endearment.” Sam Shepard (who plays a badass test pilot) was nominated for Best Actor and lost to Jack Nicholson (who plays a pretend astronaut) from “Terms.” (I’ve never seen “Terms.”) “The Right Stuff” has slipped from the public consciousness. 52 more words

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Black Swan

An introspective film that takes you deep inside the consciousness of the main character. Things get a little trippy, as you find yourself inside of her hallucinations. 37 more words

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