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Four Frames - The Natural (1984)

This is my latest contribution to The Big Picture, the internationally-recognised magazine and website that offers an intelligent take on cinema, focussing on how film affects our lives. 491 more words


On Richard Rush's The Stunt Man (1980)

by Jennifer Valencia

Richard Rush‘s The Stunt Man (1980) uses a variety of elements from different genres to tell its story. From action the stunt man scenes to the drama revolving around the relationship between the two main characters: a film director, Eli Cross ( 1,417 more words


Classic Film Review-Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

Review by-Jarrett Leahy

In a decade chock-full of sugar coated popcorn sellers, Hannah and her Sisters is a breath of fresh air, proving that truly great films were still made during the 1980′s. 521 more words

Films From The Past



(out of 5)

Deliciously scary ghost story about a young family who move into a new house before tragedy strikes and one son goes into an inexplicable coma, remaining immobile for months while doctors are at a loss to explain it. 295 more words


Barbara Hershey - Celebrating Ladies of the Silver Scream for Women in Horror Recognition Month 2014

Barbara Hershey in ‘The Entity’ (1982)

Film Synopsis: (IMDB.com)
In the film, Carla lives with her children in a home in Los Angeles. One evening, she is violently raped by an unseen being, and the molestations and attacks continue. 662 more words