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Barbara Kruger is an American born conceptual artist. Most of her work consists of using old images turning them into negatives and then pastes big red letters euphemisms ,slogans,questions and her own personal statements which always lives the audience with questions one way or another . 108 more words


Take It or Leave It

Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

Large-scale historical shows, when done in a certain way, can be intellectual steamrollers. A museum exhibition is a powerful rhetorical device; gallery after gallery of judiciously selected aesthetic material beside didactic wall texts can make a particular hypothesis or observation seem indisputable, or a historical moment appear satisfyingly coherent. 



All of Us by Raymond Carver, Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett, Greek olives (12 decagrams), Miłosław Pilzner (2), Isana Feuchtigkeits Spülung mit Baumwollextrakt angereichert, dinner at Alebriche.

Forgetting > Memory

Appropriation (Collage) by Rafael Iniguez Jr. (September, 2013)

For this project I created six different collages. Each collage is composed of found images from magazines. Through each collage I attempted to bring about distinct aspects of controversial topics like war, violence, patriotism, sex, masculinity, health, social media consumerism, fashion, stereotypes and education. 191 more words



Semioticians are interested in interpretation but their approach to semiotics can vary greatly. The core of the disciple is interpretation and influence, but there are many ways in which semioticians think about this discipline. 881 more words