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CURSE OF THE CRIMSON ALTAR (1968): Karloff's (sort of) swan song from his bizarre and final six pack

Although Cauldron of Blood (1970), Isle of the Snake People (1971) and Alien Terror were all released later, Curse of the Crimson Altar (1968) was actually Boris Karloff`s last completed film. 777 more words

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Wait, was that the Antidote I Drank, or....?

Wendy and I just got finished watching another Barbara Steele spooker called The Ghost, after watching Nightmare Castle just two nights ago. This one is on a 4-disc compilation titled Horror: Do Not Watch Alone from TGG Direct. 593 more words

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When Mama Prayed

Another great blog by my dad.  Check him out at: http://robasteele.wordpress.com/

When Mama prayed, she would sit down on the rug with her feet drawn up under her and lean over on her elbows, then drop her head into her hands. 1,262 more words

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Don't Get in the Bathtub, Doctor!

We get things rolling immediately with this old dark house spooker — an argument between husband and wife in his laboratory, and the housekeeper lurking nearby. 672 more words

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Nightmare Castle (1965)

Alright, time for the last one I could actually get to play on this VERY CHEAP GARBAGE TINBOX SET. This time we are going Italian with Nightmare Castle. 369 more words


Black Sunday

"You will never escape my vengeance, or of Satan's! My revenge will seek you out,
and with the blood of your sons, and of their sons, and their sons, I will
continue to live forever! 76 more words

SHIVERS (1975)

SHIVERS (1975)
Written and Directed by: David Cronenberg
Starring: Fred Doederlin, Paul Hampton
Lynn Lowry, Barbara Steele
Theatrical Release: October 1975

Imagine that you are watching the… 305 more words

House Of Horror