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Every once in a while one of my followers requests that I publish a blog on a particular topic. So, Michael, my friend, this one’s for you. 1,062 more words

New "Old" Threats to the American Republic from "the shores of Tripoli"...

Everyone is talking about Islam, lately.

The interesting thing is how some of these conversations go full circle…

… originating with our founding fathers.

So, class… prepare to put on your “History Learning Caps”…  I’m going to share something pretty interesting with you that will even include one of my favorite subjects, history about the United States Marine Corps… including how the term ‘Leatherneck’ came into use as a description of some of the roughest, toughest soldiers in the world… 1,174 more words

The Bubba Effect

Remember the Barbary Pirates...

For those who know no more about the Barbary pirates than the movies and stories of Barbarrosa, there were between one and 1.25 million Europeans captured and sold into slavery by the Muslim Barbary pirates from the 16th to 18th centuries. 454 more words

Iraq War

So What's the Good Pirate to do on a Day Such as This?

“I go so far as to say that I do not regret having been his prisoner for some time… He is not a bandit, not a murderer, but a patriot forced into acts of brigandage to save his native soil and his people from the yoke of tyranny.” 481 more words

American History

The Barbary Meme

I hope you read my post on Robert C. Davis so that you are well informed to deal with this. Now we can finally address its claims. 775 more words


The Barbary Pirates

By Peadar O’Maoileoin, August 28 2014

Thomas Paine, in his pamphlet written during 1775 – 1776, outlined his vision of independence and free trade. Common Sense presented people in the thirteen colonies with a solid proposal of freedom from British rule, at a time when independence was the central issue of the day. 720 more words