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Fabulous Filipino Barbecue

My family spent the summer of 1965 in the Philippines, getting to know Mom’s side of the family. We stayed in her childhood home and immersed ourselves in a world that at first glance seemed very different from the one we knew “back home”. 620 more words


Best Barbecue In Sacramento

There are three things that make up great BBQ: large helpings, tender meat and delicious sauces. Sacramento has a surprising number of barbecue restaurants, so we went around and found the best of the best. 528 more words

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Barbecue Chicken Salad with Faux-grilled Fixings

I wasn’t made for all this summer weather. When I got accepted to graduated schools, a major consideration in my selection was the climate. Unlike some of my classmates who came to the cold northern Midwest despite the weather, I picked it for those frozen days. 713 more words


Chicken Shawarma

My cabinets are brimming with spices.  Spices allow for big taste without the heavy calories.  I imagined that making a shawarma dish would be rather difficult because I lacked the usual cooking utensils.  396 more words


Kesha Sanders Puts Unknown Cooks on Alert

It is true that one never knows what type of dish will be presented at The Unknown Cook’s group. Kesha Sanders came through on her statement, “I want to get in on this!” Kesha made this claim as she introduced herself to the group. 286 more words

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8 Healthy Lettuce Wraps Recipes

Lettuce wraps are easy to make, healthy, and so fun to eat!

1. Thai Lettuce Wraps with Cilantro
Recipe and photo from Laura’s Lean Beef. 283 more words

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Roast Chicken with Homemade Barbecue Sauce and Roasted Sweet Potato

Whip up some homemade barbecue sauce in minutes and use it on chicken breasts (on the bone), chicken thighs, wings or even a full roast chicken.  249 more words