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Cue Modern Barbecue, BGC

Although I had read a lot of good reviews about the place. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it love it either. I loved that they did put a good amount of effort into their dessert. 250 more words


Bacon Is Good For You (Or Is It?)

Bacon is good for you
Like sweets and candyfloss
And fizzy drinks and cold ice creams
Or steaks with creamy sauce

But that’s in moderation… 59 more words


Great barbecue is about the cut of meat, the smoke, the rub, and the sauce. But just because sauce is only one part of the equation, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be excellent. 746 more words

Main Dishes

There is something about big hunks of meat cooked over long periods at low heat that appeals to us at a very basic level. Pit-cooking traditions like hog roasts, barbacoa, and luaus aren’t just barbecues — they’re celebrations. 576 more words

Main Dishes


Well, I got up early on Friday, so I could get my grocery shopping done and return home before the mercury boiled out of the thermometers around town. 632 more words


Quỷ cái vận đồ Prada hay “Dù sao thì tao cũng có tóc!”

Tôi rất yêu quý hostel mình ở, cái đấy khỏi phải nói. Tất cả sống với nhau như một gia đình.

Nhưng sau gần một tháng thì tôi phải dọn đi. 6,374 more words