Soy Vay Island Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin

Picked up some pork tenderloins the other day at Sams’s. 3 went in the freezer and one took a 24 hour bath in this stuff. 359 more words


365 day 94

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Hurricaines Express, Darlinghurst

Did someone say steak?

Meat lovers in the inner west rejoice. Hurricanes has opened up one of their signature restaurants in Waterloo, and they’ve brought with them all their well known, meaty goodies. 387 more words


Membership Training in Korean Universities

Also known to Korean university students as the flower of college life, membership training is one of the iconic university events for Koreans. Usually held at the start of each semester, the underlining purpose of the Membership Training (MT) is for the individuals to become familiar with each other and learn about the group they are with. 392 more words


Middle Eastern Brekky - Smoked Lamb & Tumeric Eggs

Slow smoked lamb with tumeric scrambled eggs, toasted pistachios and fruits.  Today’s dish is my most inventive breakfast yet as there were no recipes involved, just a hungry man looking for a killer morning fix. 372 more words


Reyes Barbecue

The Boneless Chicken Barbecue (Php145.00) on the menu board of Reyes Barbecue called out to me, so lunch it was! :P

It took a while though (20 minutes or so), for they cook as you order. 59 more words

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