TAB – The Ancient Barbeque

It was a regular evening when my sister and I, both writers and both foodies, decided to spice up our last night together in Delhi. I was leaving for Mumbai the morning after. 703 more words


San Antonio- Coaching School

My husband is a football coach and one of my favorite things about his job is coaching school. This year was my first time to go so I didn’t really know what to expect. 275 more words


House Without a Key

Holiday season is upon us, bring on the office parties! I don’t work in a traditional office, so no party for me. My dad however, had a work party and I’m the lucky plus one for the evening. 381 more words


BBQ'd Jalapenos with Manchego, Ricotta, & Honey

Come on…how delicious do these look?  ‘Tis the season for cocktail parties with yummy, and interesting, bite-sized goodies!   Plate these bad boys with some cheese and nuts for a cocktail party, use them as a side with grilled chicken, fish, or steak, or simply as a delicious snack for yourself!   215 more words



Winter mornings need a bit of spice. These tatties warm up your insides and really get you going!  Alongside my Indian Beans and Poached Eggs, these are a pretty perfect accompaniment for an alternative brunch. 571 more words

Simple Living: Brats and Dogs at the Cabin

Way up north in the hinter regions, there resides a modest lake in good form. Two hundred acres plus, I should wager, and if you had a… 609 more words

Cheesy Vegemite Stuffed Burger

A few weeks ago my sister was in town and requested an extra special burger.  So I made her one of my most inspired creations yet: The Vegemite Cheeseburger. 334 more words