BBQ Beans

Yesterday i thought i’d try out some homemade BBQ beans after being inspired by reading a recipe for Boston Beans as well as viewing a video on the BarbecueWeb Youtube channel. 468 more words


Karl’s Barbequed Kefir Lamb

I have done Greek lamb for the last three Easter Sundays. While I love Greek lamb, I wanted to do something different for this year. After looking at dozens of recipes on-line I could not find any that really grabbed me.


Fräknar och förkylning

Ytterligare en solig dag. Och den har spenderats på altanen. Bikinin och solskyddet kom på.. Riktigt gött! Fick allt lite färg och många fler fräknar. 303 more words

Vardag & Världsliga Ting

Preparations for Barbeque

Preparing for Barbeque today with friends from Astrid y Gaston. Visiting the market in Los Olivos.

no photoed, Canon 5D Mark iii


Eat: BBQ Limas!

First off: yes, our wedding was amazing.  The weather was perfect, the people were perfect, and everything went off without a hitch.  I will do a full run-through one of these days. 295 more words

Perfectly Sweet 'n Tangy BBQ Sauce

Most people who know me would be shocked by this post because I’ve never been a big fan of BBQ sauce.  But recently I’ve been trying to venture out a bit and try new things and that includes a search for a BBQ sauce I actually like.  131 more words