An Evening of Beer and Barbeque...

First off I must apologise – I know it’s never good starting a blog post (and only the second one at that!) with an apology but, alas, I must! 795 more words


Bratwurst Burgers

This past weekend, I was cleaning out the freezer and found some home made bratwurst (using this recipe) hiding in the back. This package of brats was in bulk form (ie wasn’t stuffed into casings) and I thought it would be perfect to make some burgers.  480 more words



Ok, here’s the thing about chimichurri: everyone has an opinion, everyone has a preference, everyone thinks they know ‘authentic’ better than the next yanqui, and absolutely  397 more words


Westcountry Weekend and Family Get - Together

As I mentioned in a recent post, my little sister Tasha is heading off around the world with her boyfriend Chris (both right) for a year soon, cue a big family farewell to them at my parents’ in Somerset this weekend. 728 more words

Eating Out

July Social: Club BBQ 2014

Mountains of meat, bundles of beer and a selection of snacks…yep, it’s BBQ time!

By Katie Garner

The Wychelm Badminton Club BBQ has become a bit of a ‘thing’ – now a regular social for the third consecutive year, it has definitely become a highlight on our event calendar, giving all members the opportunity to get involved and enjoy some fun in the sun together. 716 more words


Camping and barbeque

How was the camping?

Scott: Barbeques are amazing…

What did you think, Helen?

Helen: Good.

Just good?

Helen: Better than good.

What was the best bit? 146 more words

The President Came to Town....for BBQ

Today the entire town was buzzing because President Obama was in town. He arrived last night around 7pm. He met with four local citizens at Arthur Bryant’s BBQ restaurant for dinner. 149 more words