Conveyor Belt Sushi and Carnivorous BBQ

Before heading back to the U.S. for a few months, I had to make a pilgrimage to my favorite part of Tokyo for some trinkets and treats. 824 more words


The Smoke Shack

On Milwaukee Street in the Third Ward is a FABULOUS little restaurant – The Smoke Shack. As soon as we walked in my mouth started watering. 249 more words


Outside of the Box: EatSmart Precision PRO Digital FOOD Thermometer Review

First off, I’m not much of a cook (see picture below for proof).  That being said, my husband is a FANTASTIC cook!  I help him sometimes, but I usually don’t have a clue what I’m doing, so he just takes the lead when it comes to the kitchen.   496 more words

Outside Of The Box

Busy Last Days of Summer!

Proud Mom here! Pictures are from my boy.

Our son took an old smoker and turned it into a working piece of art! Says he loves his new angle grinder!  190 more words

Dust Bunnies

Labor Day Activity: What Will You Be Doing?

Entering the weekend, we all have at least one thing on the mind: 3-day weekend. Labor Day is upon us and the question remains, … 108 more words


DIY BBQ Smoker

You know what one of my favorite things about lifting heavy weights is? You get to eat a lot of tasty food afterwards. One of the tastiest types of food is bbq. 566 more words