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Progress Against Invasive Plants

-Barbara Walvoord

Yikes! This fall, you can clearly see how Lathrop’s woods are being invaded by alien shrubs and vines: the bright red of burning bush, the yellow-green of bush honeysuckle, the prickly multiflora rose and barberry, the orange berries of Oriental bittersweet vine. 240 more words

Observing Our Land

Not-So-Local Natives

Lately there has been a clamoring for a new feature on the Rambler.

OK it’s not quite a clamoring, more like a persistent murmur.

Or I may just be having those auditory hallucinations again from inhaling too much Perlite.   370 more words

Native Plants

berry berry nice

After my previous post about berries, I realized that I needed to do a bit more photographing and research and then write another post to correct my mistakes. 742 more words


Snowberries & Other Showy Shrubs

Autumn has produced glorious shows throughout the gardens,  and some of the finest have appeared along the gravel stairway on the northern side of our home. 281 more words

The First Bite

Last night we experienced our first bite of autumn. It wasn’t much of a frost (about 28F [-2.2C]), but it was enough to freeze the surface of the birdbath, sentence the mandevilla to the compost pile, damage a number of open azalea and rose blossoms, and discolor the hydrangeas. 229 more words


Of raspberries and other fruits...... and cowslips

Raspberries and other fruits

For the price of one punnet of raspberries you can buy a plant that will give you raspberries for ever.  I will admit that this is in one of the supermarket chains and that is not the ideal place to buy plants, however if it was a choice between the plant or the punnet – you can see what makes sense. 572 more words

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