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Ashley takes Princess for a walk outdoors

While on their walk, they saw some new spring flowers and growth, so there are some photos of them, too.  Hope you enjoy!

Have you captured any light lately?


Iran: Zereshk Polo

Restaurant: Arya Restaurant
City: Cupertino, CA

One awesome thing about having diversity in the workplace is the opportunity to try foods from a coworker’s ethnicity! One of my coworkers, Beeta, is Iranian American. 374 more words

Foodie Fridays

Victim Shot To Death After Confronting Thieves

(HOUSTON) — Houston police arrested a suspect Monday for allegedly shooting a man at 4141 Barberry in southeast Houston.

Adrian Brazile, 22, is accused in the shooting death of a man, whose identity is awaiting family member’s recognition. 80 more words


Wading In, Part I

I knew from the first moment I sat on a plastic chair in the backyard of what was to become my new home four years ago, that the 32 or so 12” x 12” concrete pavers from the big box store down the road had to go. 261 more words


Plants Are Able To Make Complex Decisions

Plants are also able to make complex decisions. At least this is what scientists have concluded from their investigations on Barberry (Berberis vulgaris), which is able to abort its own seeds to prevent parasite infestation. 17 more words