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10 odd facts about beards

Beards have become quite a popular feature in the neo dandy look and identity along with ties, bow ties and pocket squares. The history of both  is somehow similar, at least  in its social and cultural heritage. 302 more words


The Barbershop Hour

Two barber chairs each stand comfortably filled with weathered men, red and white striped capes draped from their shoulders; a third chair not in use. Television sounds float out from a hidden corner only seen in one of three large mirrors hanging on the wall behind two seasoned barbers intently sculpting the hair on their clients. 306 more words


Haircut: Professional or Personality?

Gentlemen, the hairstyle you choose is key to your success as a young professional so I had to include it in the “Controlled Externalities” series. Though the business world is becoming more and more progressive, there are still glass ceilings that can be placed above those of us who opt out the traditional hairstyles.  530 more words

3 - Well-Dressed Wednesday

St. Louis IX, King of France

“Contrariwise thou shouldst suffer every manner of torment rather than commit a mortal sin.” — St. Louis to his son, Philip


p style=”text-align:center;”>(Photo taken from archstl.org) 752 more words

Everyday Life

To Be Inspired

Here at The Common Bond, there is a unique relational connection that links us to our viewers. We are here to be an inspiration, to continually break the mold of indifference and the staleness of life. 46 more words


Upgrade your Customer

Upgrade your Customers  with The QCuts App.

These days all businesses need something extra to give us the edge over our competition.

How about upgrading your customer service, telling them you will let them know when your barbershop is quiet and they can get a haircut with out having to wait in a queue. 62 more words


Meet The QCuts Team

   Like all great business ideas, Q Cuts was designed to tackle a very obvious problem.

                              Peter Quinn   

Peter Quinn has worked as a Barber in Dublin for 30 years and grew increasingly frustrated by the fact that the barber shop would have quiet times during the week and similarly have times when the shop would be full and Peter would look at potential customers coming in, looking at the queue, and walking back out. 245 more words

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