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Remembering Mattel...Philippines

It was in the 80’s after I graduated from college that I decided to give it a try working in a factory since it was much easier to get hired than looking for a white collared job that usually requires experience and…a backer (a somebody inside a company who can back you up.) 388 more words

Barbie Fashion Avenue

Barbie Style - (Half of) Wave One

So, as wave two is already on sale in the UK and wave three is imminent, I’m a little behind here – partly this is because I wasn’t sure if I wanted anything from this wave, so I waited a long time before making my purchases. 613 more words

Barbie Dolls

I caught a star

I went to catch star today. That’s what they call it in Chinese – zhui xing – which literally meant to catch a star.

It’s one of the stupidest, boh liao and probably illogical things I have ever done in my entire life. 413 more words

Barbie & Dolls

Lea 37 - The Look Lea

Please please please, for once in my life, let me feature a doll while she is on current release! Well, you know what? I’m doing it, even though she’s jumping the queue. 423 more words

Barbie Dolls

Wedgwood Barbie

I do love my Monsters, but all the MH posts I’ve been writing are starting to take their toll now. I need to post a Barbie or two by way of a little break from it, so here’s a great one. 539 more words

Barbie Dolls