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The Great Outdoors

Marky Mark and Michelle got some fresh air in the open outdoors with a trip to Stanley, ID.  The twosome spent the entire day hiking the trails near Redfish Lake.   57 more words

Magia 2000 at BarbieCon

Ah, my Darlings…sue me, I love these guys with all my heart. Magia 2000 weaves a spell unlike many – they are delightful, talented, and have a great sense of fashion… 25 more words


NiniMomo at BarbieCon

More eye candy, this time from THE Pageant to end all…NiniMomo (or ninimomo or Ninimomo – I can’t figure it out with one good eye, Puddings). 37 more words


Artist Creations at BarbieCon

I’ll let the pics speak for themselves…Artist Creations, the 2014 Barbie National Convention Souvenir Designer – these are dolls from their preview. Remember, it’s 1:6 scale, folks… 24 more words


Barbie's New Style Sparks Controversy

Barbie the teenage fashion model is one of the most controversial toys on the market today from a feminist viewpoint. Sure, her body type is unattainable and unreasonable, she dresses completely inappropriately for the careers she performs, she is known as being ditzy and incapable, and her life sometimes seems to be centered around her boyfriend Ken, but… wait, what was I saying?  537 more words

I am not barbie

How to be beautiful? The question every single girl struggles with. Always have to look in the mirror if you come across one. See if your hair sits in the right place, or if that one pimple is already gone. 161 more words

My Life