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Register and attend Barcamp Accra on Saturday 20th December 2014

What is Barcamp? Well, imagine a strata of changemakers, doers and entrepreneurs who are looking to increase their value and grow in stature, came together for a day. 265 more words


Elevator Pitch Winners Participate in European BarCamp in Milan


Convincing the audience in one minute is a tough challenge. Consider how much a listener needs to be convinced, and squeeze that into 60 seconds. 277 more words

Student Life

Barcamp Bangkhen #5

อันเนื่องจาก Rules of Barcamp ที่เมื่อจบงานก็ต้องกลับมาเขียน Blog เลยเขียนซะหน่อยครัช 85 more words


Left politics under neoliberalism

Julian offered a discussion on the possibility of revolutionary party politics in a neoliberal society. The group talked about different forms of political organisations and movements, such as parliamentary parties, local autonomous groups, nationwide grass-roots movements and their potential for revolutionary politics. 16 more words


The power of definition

Maja run a session called “The power of definition. Creative De/Construction”. The participants had a chance to create their own “positive”, “negative” and “neutral” definitions of different words. 36 more words


Far far away

Judith showed a short movie she created with other participants within the project “Activists against Xenocide”. The film tells the story of two women (one living in Germany and one in Hungary), their friendship and experiences in a Stalinist Gulag camp. 15 more words