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COPY and PASTE, an expertise of any ucc student? PLS SRC copy #redfriday

On July 11, 2014,a press release signed by the Executive secretary of CGRG ,George Kojo Anti to launch the #Redfriday campaign aimed at putting subtle pressure on the government of Ghana to fix the ekomini (Economy) .Today is the second Friday and like the maiden edition #Redfriday requires all Ghanaians to rock or{ even drink sobolo(bisap)because it’s also Red } attires to work ,school,wake keeping, football fields with a touch of red..(hey boys don’t make them bleed oh,that’s wickedness), as a reminder todays theme is on the increase in cost of living( fuel prices, food,water,cement,electricity).. 59 more words

BarCamp BraCamp

So this weekend I have finally embraced the whole “get out there” thing and actually, well, got out there. The first thing I got out there and did was attend… 747 more words