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Barefoot and injured - the million dollar debate!

Well we are 28 hours post marathon.

How do I feel.   Drowsy & lazy.   Slight stiffness of the muscles.   Stairs are no problem.  Taken the dogs for good walk. 138 more words


The real barefoot support. Thank you.

I must acknowledge here that today I got immense support out on the field.  Various runners ran alongside me to encourage me.  To talk to me about barefoot running, and just marathon running.   354 more words


42km barefoot Marathon DONE!!! (or 26 miles for imperial)

Yes, yes I know 42km = Marathon…..but my oh my 42km sounds rather epic today!

Well the race commenced in good conditions for marathon running- in fact perfect weather conditions. 550 more words


race day preparation - and getting out the tissues

Good morning.  So Race day tomorrow.

Been a rather interesting few days.  Diet adjustments, exercise adjustments, injury worries, and severe wet weather  for just a few.   466 more words


Has real barefoot running changed the shape of my foot?

Well, in essence I have only been running barefoot for a year.  So no, I do not think this has changed my foot shape.

But, I have been stepping around barefoot for many years.   135 more words


3 days to go and I have already lost the plot!

Well the last run completed today until the actual barefoot marathon.  

My barefoot challenge seems to be facing more challenges on a daily basis!

First the good news is that in the last two weeks I have had 3 chiro visits and 3 visits for Remedial Deep Tissue massage.   188 more words


Flip-Flops or Bare Feet?

The warm water showers over me. I’m taking a moment to indulge in locker room luxury — it’s not my water bill. I enjoy the strength of this shower head. 336 more words

In The Locker Room