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Ready for a hiking, climbing, biking, ocean-ing, paddling, surfing, fishing, books-in-the-sunning, hammocking, walking, running, frisbee-ing, smiling, photographing, bare-footing, tanning, wild-hair-day-ing, playing, outside eating, gardening, berry picking, apple picking, farm tending kind of summer. 

What is Your Fantasy Church?

Our church needs a new name. I’m on our church naming committee. I think they made a mistake. I’m not creative or inspired. I’m practical. 1,733 more words


Don't do that, you'll go blind...

What we might call a toe-eye view of the world. As a barefooter, I am intimately connected with the immediate ground, dealing with each footfall as it occurs, planning no more than two or three steps ahead at best. 61 more words

Stories From The Single Track

Denmark for this time

I am currently on my way back from Denmark, just made the food and work plan for the following week – exciting. And while I am sitting here in the plane, contemplating my weekend on my own in Denmark, listening to Aimee Mann and enjoying the quiet, I must admit, that I handled it a lot better than I thought I would. 231 more words



If Cinderella’s shoe fit her so well, I wonder why it fell off in the first place?
I can’t help but think it was to get the attention of the prince. 285 more words


Ingredients for a perfect brainstorm

Ingredients to a perfect brainstorming session….. Clean white board, colourful pens and bare feet of course!

Thinking Styles