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Kudos to Sheriff Scott Jenkins via Bare Naked Islam

CAIR thugs offered $15,000 bribe to Virginia Sheriff to get him to cancel counter-Islamic terrorism trainer

Sheriff told CAIR to stuff it. Despite pressure tactics, threats and even a $15,000 cash bribe from the Council on American-Islamic Relations to shut down a recent counter-terrorism training program for Virginia law enforcement, the training took place as scheduled, albeit with extra security. 316 more words

American Freedom

UN, Muslims and world opinion!

Muslim bastards, UN don’t like it when the shoes on the other foot. It’s about time. Screw Islam. Screw the UN, screw world opinion! It;s about time, far past time for Christians to stand together, stand up and fight back against the scourge of Islam and we need to stand with them.  459 more words


Islam: Religion of Punks



By Pete Parker / 3 March 2014

One only has to give a cursory view of the headlines to understand that Islam is a draconian doctrine constructed on the unhinged hatred of Jews, Christians and women. 413 more words