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my feet on the ground, just waiting for summer to come around…

Hello wonderful world of internet people. Sorry I have taken quite a break from divulging my life to you. 169 more words

Real barefoot running on Trails

Real barefoot trail running.

Yes. Amazed? Yep, so am I. How? Read on.

So if you are at my blog you know I do barefoot running as my preferred running style. 2,373 more words


Die Hard Primer

Welcome to your EPISODE 6: DIE HARD Prep Post.

The ‘Cast itself is located HERE exclusively on the Explosomagico Network.

God, what a great trailer. 96 more words

6 Inch 48km Trail Marathon Recap.

The 6 Inch 48km Trail Run.

My taper week was spent on a family holiday in a beautiful resort allowing me to have daily massages – bliss.   2,078 more words


Bad shoe choices, Trails, New Years Eve Run

Wow!  I have been off line for a bit.  Apologies.   I had network connection problems for 2 weeks, then went overseas on a family holiday, ran an ultra, bad flu, Christmas and chaos, and time has just flown! 781 more words


Liberate my Toes

I take off my shoes, my sandals rather, and it is love.

The frigid grass on my toes is sex. I breathe deep and let the ecstatic vulnerability rise up. 89 more words


Taking a Step Forward

In previous years, I have used New Years as a chance to sit, relax, take a step back and reflect on the past 365 days. 249 more words

Random Yogi Thoughts