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A Rash Decision

Signing up for the Beachy Head Marathon seemed like a good idea at the time, with a nice six months for training between then and now. 1,005 more words

Stories From The Single Track

chocolate milk, symmetry, and hill sprints

If you ask runners why they run, you’ll hear a number of answers: that they love to run, that they like the competition, that they do it for their health, that it’s a good way to see the world around you, that they do it for psychological well-being. 1,020 more words

In this video published last year in The Guardian, running coach Ben Le Vesconte instructs two runners on proper barefoot running form. The technique he teaches at the VivoBarefoot Clinic in London, was developed by running coach Lee Saxby.

Barefoot Running

Taking on The #EggNogJog Race Course...#InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot!

Running road races is challenging no matter what the course or the conditions. Any time you work against gravity, bad things happen to your body more often than not. 561 more words

Barefoot Running

20 Oct 14 - Snatches and Running in Barefoot Shoes

Up at 0545, in the car for 0600 and in the box for 0615. Slick.

It wasn’t until I arrived, saw the WOD and realised I had brought the wrong shoes with me. 251 more words

Overgrown Hedge

That hedge by the road has not been trimmed for probably more than 5 years. I trimmed it the week before, and I trimmed it again last week, and there’s still more trimming to be done. 444 more words


The Sea of Words

“Hey, I like your shoes!” is what an aid station volunteer, near the turnaround point of a race, shouted to me this morning, even if I wasn’t running in the race, which had brought me to a stop. 801 more words