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Correct Toes definitely working to relieve bunion pain

Today I ran 9 miles in a shoe which normally gives me problems, the Saucony A5, which is a tight-fitting racing flat. I had removed the insoles from the shoes to give my feet more room inside, but the bunion on my left foot would still rub the inside of the shoe and hurt a little for several miles until I warmed up. 89 more words

Barefoot Running

If you happen to catch me out running, you might notice that I wear those funny-looking toe shoes. In May 2010, I bought my first pair of… 805 more words


A big part of efficient and pain-free running is being relaxed. Tension can cause us to use more effort than necessary, resulting in fatigue and possible injury. 205 more words

so far, so good

I’m eight days in to my 30-day barefoot running program and here are three things I’ve noticed.

1. When I eat less meat, I run better… 455 more words


Correcting a deformity and eliminating bunion pain

When I started running more seriously almost two years ago now, I noticed that I favored some shoes over others because of the way they fit. 476 more words

to feel the world

I crest the top of the hill and turn left. It’s into the wind some but downhill, so I let the legs pick up the pace a bit. 390 more words

breaking free

Not everything will be beautiful. Not everything works. Not all dreams and hopes come true. Not all your runs will be quick feeling like lightning or smooth like a warm spring breeze. 755 more words