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Two and the Same and Not

Maybe the last time I had run hard and full effort at a race was Broad Street 2008. Although I hesitate some saying that, because I had slacked off in the amount of running during the couple of months before. 526 more words

"I've had bad days but I had never DNF'd"

Experiencing a bad day in a marathon or a long run is a lonely, painful place to be –  isolated and alone with only the road in front of you. 837 more words

The Loneliness Inside of 30,000 Runners

I stand with my back against some temporary fence. Darkness is giving way. It’s not terribly cold, but chilly enough when wearing a thin tech tee shirt, a kilt, a knit cap, tube socks converted into arm warmers, 2 pairs of cheap Dollar Store gloves, compression sleeves over the calf muscles, toe socks and a worn-out pair of Xeros. 2,651 more words

Blue skies and bloody trails

This morning’s run near Irvine Park started out so well . . . a crisp (So Cal crisp: 60 degrees F) fall morning, lovely trails through coastal-sage-scrub-covered hills, so many plants sprouting back into growth in response to the brief rain a couple of weeks ago. 447 more words

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Specific #Exercises to Prevent IT Band Syndrome #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot

One of the most common what I call “avoidable” running injuries that present themselves amongst clients is the dreaded IT Band syndrome. This is essentially irritation of the IT Band that runs from the buttocks-hip area along the lateral side of the keg and attaches to the lateral side of the knee (in lay person’ terms). 548 more words

Barefoot Running

Your body is a temple - okay, really?

This phrase is taken out of context a lot of the time but what it means to me is that you should treat your body like a temple. 845 more words

Food For Thought

Some Suggestions

One. The ground is not your enemy. Do not pound the ground. Move on supple springs. Touch the ground with a sense of continued appreciation. 378 more words

Barefoot Running