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The Barefoot Wandering Never Gets Old

Like this coyote I’ve run into the last few mornings crossing Santiago Creek at sunrise, I also seem to be a creature of habit.¬†

While the hills around Irvine Park are his home, and he needs to make his daily rounds to find food and water, I suppose I could live without my 2-3-times-a-week adventures on these trails . 385 more words

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Rediscovering running

Rediscovering running

Injuries and giving up running

A few years ago I gave up running due to primarily to the knee pain, hip pain and blisters I was receiving during running. 793 more words

Barefoot Running


TOTT Egg Nog Jog Running Clinic

What – this is an 11 week clinic that culminates in the Egg Nog Jog 10.8 km race around the Terra Cotta Conservation area on Sunday, December 7, 2014… 203 more words

Barefoot Running

Water and Beach Running to Ensure #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot

On my recent trip to Ireland, I made a point of running barefoot on the river rock, flat stone and sand not only along the sea shore but IN the lakes and Atlantic Ocean… 313 more words

Barefoot Running

Barefoot running, humor, Prozac, and other tools

I almost wrote tolls instead of tools in the title and that could have been oddly appropriate. Around 2 weeks ago now, Robin Williams’ death shocked us. 1,309 more words

What's to Blame?

If you golf, is it your clubs that cause you to hook, slice or miss a putt? How about if you play baseball, is it the bat that causes you to hit foul balls, pop flies or even striking out? 910 more words

Barefoot Running

Running Roundup - a collection of running-related links

* 40 is the new awesome for running! (That’s British runner Jo Pavey¬†winning an international 10K race at age 40.)

* “Why Barefoot Running is B.S. 162 more words