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Blue skies and bloody trails

This morning’s run near¬†Irvine Park started out so well . . . a crisp (So Cal crisp: 60 degrees F) fall morning, lovely trails through coastal-sage-scrub-covered hills, so many plants sprouting back into growth in response to the brief rain a couple of weeks ago. 447 more words

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Specific #Exercises to Prevent IT Band Syndrome #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot

One of the most common what I call “avoidable” running injuries that present themselves amongst clients is the dreaded IT Band syndrome. This is essentially irritation of the IT Band that runs from the buttocks-hip area along the lateral side of the keg and attaches to the lateral side of the knee (in lay person’ terms). 548 more words

Barefoot Running

Your body is a temple - okay, really?

This phrase is taken out of context a lot of the time but what it means to me is that you should treat your body like a temple. 845 more words

Food For Thought

Some Suggestions

One. The ground is not your enemy. Do not pound the ground. Move on supple springs. Touch the ground with a sense of continued appreciation. 378 more words

Barefoot Running

how we run

Now the day before I wrote a post “Why Run?” and then went on to successfully write about how the human body runs. So in order to balance out my karma with the universe, now this will be titled about how we run, and I will ponder more about why I run. 561 more words

2015 Youth Dipsea Training Runs

Since 2012, Youth Dipsea Training Runs has been the most popular youth trail running program in Marin,  training youth runners ages 8-14, both first time Dipsea runners and veteran runners, including many top finishers. 413 more words

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why run?

Yesterday, a recent and tiny goal tumbled. Since I began injecting the hill sprints, form drills, and more fartlek style running into my weeks back on October 15th, I’ve had a sort of speed test that I’ve done one or two times a week. 1,200 more words