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Using Christ's Name in Vain

I’m an ex-hippie chick though some might disagree about the ex part.

I was actually almost radical back in the day and was friends with a number of political prisoners.  636 more words


Heaven on the roof

天台保持了教堂的莊嚴神聖,所有遊人必須脫鞋參觀並保持肅靜。而我當然也入鄉隨俗,赤腳於刺熱的地板上走著。站在市內最高點,欣賞著里昂的全景,感受著與天連成一線,我內心故然興奮,但同時熱辣辣的地板令我更像熱鍋上的螞蟻,最終參觀了二十多分鐘便要撤退補水了! 6 more words

"Old Main" in Cincinnati

Regular readers know I have this thing about libraries. They tend to be the one governmental function that has taken it upon themselves to deny their taxpayers access for spurious reasons: visiting barefoot. 617 more words


Winter Solstice Rising

My feet are made of skin and bones.
With little hair, calloused toes remain bare.
Nothing to hold the heat during this afternoon hike.
I was born naked. 225 more words

Bah Humbug

Since 1938

Bathing Trunks worn in street. Since 1938.

I wonder if they wandered barefoot as well. Summer is coming. It’s hot. It smells like salt and this maxi dress is perfect with its vibrant pattern and white top to show off your tan. 14 more words

Ye Olde Schoolhouse

There was a feature in the Columbia Missourian back in 2009 about a field trip a local fifth grade made to a (replica) one-room schoolhouse. According to 11-year-old Amanda McDonald, the best part was… 357 more words


I Really, Really Wanted To Embrace The Barefoot Running Craze

I wish we didn’t have to wear shoes. It’s every day, leaving the house, going to work – wouldn’t it be cool if we could all lead barefooted lives? 1,131 more words