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Five ways to enjoy the perfect run

That buzzfeed style title is misleading, sorry.  I just wanted to explain why I had such a perfect run last night.  It wanted to share it with the world, partly because I can’t contain my excitement and partly because someone might learn something from it.  777 more words

Thinking About Running

Followup to “False Imprisonment”

Here is a bit more information on the situation I talked about yesterday, with an acquaintance being detained by police for being barefoot and shirtless late at night. 1,126 more words


Shanahan Trail area

I have had quite a few barefoot experiences since I last posted just over a month ago. I have had some of my first barefoot walks and hikes with others: short walks with my parents, a hike up to see fireworks with my friend Blake, spending much of a camping trip at Fulford Cave barefoot. 537 more words


Happy Batman Day!!!

DC Comics has declared July 23rd to be Batman Day to commemorate 75 years of the Dark Knight.  While I love Batman, one of the few DC comics I like, I am going to get on my soapbox for a moment (Hey that’s why we have blogs, right?   821 more words


Three For Footwear (2014)

1. Boots.

2. Flats.

3. None at all.


Where foot and ground meet-

Time to resort to simply bare feet.


The not so great side of barefoot ...

Sometimes you have to deal with some awful looking feet in order to get to barefoot heaven …

Poor Cheval has very thin hoof walls, low soles and is sore on hard ground. 122 more words

Natural Horsemanship

False Imprisonment for Being Barefoot?

A barefoot and shirtless acquaintance of mine from south Texas was recently detained by the police, simply because he was barefoot and shirtless (outside). He would like to know if this was false imprisonment, and whether had has a cause of action to sue them. 1,740 more words