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Health Codes

I’ll sometimes see barefooters proclaiming that “there are no health codes prohibiting bare feet in stores or restaurants”. That’s not quite right.

There are a few, and most of them are in Massachusetts.


Week 2, Day 3

Hello Again!

What a lovely day we had!

Today we celebrated Ariella’s birthday with style. The morning started off with some casual face paint made from rose scented powder that Neta brought back from India a couple of years ago. 302 more words


They Just Make This Stuff Up

How about a good fisking? There’s an article from last year on CarInsurance.com asking Is barefoot driving legal?

One has to wonder how it can be so right and so wrong at the same time.


walking barefoot

One thing I love about the warm weather is walking around barefoot, I love feeling grass below my soles,  sand between my toes and dipping those digits into water. 288 more words


Summer's Remains: Wednesday

A bit of bitterness sneaks in on a Wednesday, as I prepare to go back to school. Despite my best efforts to keep my vacation mode mindset for this last week, I went to work for several hours yesterday, and got less done than I wanted. 143 more words


The Barefoot Walk Toddle Waddle!

Kiddies Do The Toddle Waddle!

Your favourite charity event really is for all the family and children are welcome to do The Barefoot Walk, but some feet may be too small and delicate. 165 more words