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So I had my appointment with the rheumatologist this past Monday. She spent over an hour and a half with me. She was very thorough and went through all my symptoms and went through prior test results that I had done that ruled out other conditions that can produce the same symptoms. 219 more words

Bariatric Beginnings

Why I'm Not Ashamed Of My Body

Despite losing 130+ lbs I am still a big girl, I know I always will be. I still get looks of disgust in public and face weight discrimination. 209 more words

Bariatric Beginnings

A New Development???

Asking for thoughts, vibes, prayers (whatever your choice of worship is) for an appointment of mine coming up.

I was at the neurologist for my migraines last Thursday and she is having me see a rheumatologist on the 14th which is Monday. 200 more words

Bariatric Beginnings

I'm Back!

I feel terrible that I haven’t posted in about three weeks, but it was for good reason! Two weeks ago my husband and I moved into our first house! 383 more words

Bariatric Beginnings

New Update!

Another update on my life! I’ve been so busy with our upcoming move that I haven’t had much time to blog, I’m hoping to change that, I have so much I want to say. 239 more words

Bariatric Beginnings