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Come On Down, You've Hit The Jackpot!

I start today bright eyed and bushy tailed after a satisfactory nights sleep even though I wore a mask designed to blow pressurised air up my nose in an attempt to keep my airways open. 990 more words


You Are Feeling Very Sleepy.

A much known side effect of being a fellow with a fuller figure is the ability to snore and snore very loudly. You know the kind of snoring, they show it in cartoons when the perpetrator snores so loud that the roof raises and lowers with each breath. 1,413 more words


Post Op Visit

Two days prior to my post op visit my bandages finally came off and I realized my incisions weren’t stitched together under the tape but it was glued together.  370 more words


QOTD: Linda Bacon on bariatric surgery

Content note: surgery, complications, fat-hate

Because completely coincidentally, a number of surgeons who perform bariatric surgery (“stomach stapling” to your unmedical layperson) are suddenly in the media clamouring for public funding of their “craft”: 101 more words

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24 hours until surgery

Wow, it is finally here and I cannot believe it.  I am officially 24 hours away from surgery that is going to have a major impact on my life.  192 more words

Weight Loss Surgery

Cheater Cheater Doughnut Eater

Well, I did it!

I managed two days on reduced rations.

Hey diddle de dee a dieters life for me :-/

It has to be said once again, if I can manage two days like that, sleep well and wake late not actually feeling hungry then I am positive anyone can do it. 1,081 more words



There has been a lot going on in the last few weeks, some good and well, some less than great.

Let’s go over the good stuff first: 1,813 more words