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Existential Crisis

I think I’ve been going through an existential crisis of sorts. Either that or I am going bat-shit crazy. Since having weight loss surgery I have undergone so many changes so fast that it would make any sane person’s head spin and sometimes I don’t feel so sane. 1,390 more words

Weight Loss

Lachine Hospital mistake potentially put 150 patients at risk

MONTREAL — About four months ago, 147 recipients of bariatric surgery at the Lachine Hospital got a shock in the form of a registered letter. 356 more words


Ready To Move Forward Again

I was taking to my husband yesterday and how this year seems like the worst year of my life. I’ve had other horrible years in my past thanks to crippling depression but something about this year just makes it feel so much worse. 272 more words

Bariatric Beginnings

So, what is bariatric surgery, anyways?

The word “bariatrics” refers to the branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of obesity and related conditions. 

In Ontario, there are currently two different types of bariatric surgery covered by the provincial health plan.  478 more words

Bariatric Surgery

Be Well Informed about Stroke and It’s Risk Factors

Brain and Nervous system is what keeps you going. Well, brain attack or stroke is the third leading cause of death or disability. Stroke is caused by decrease in blood flow to the brain cells. 290 more words


Balls Deep in Bariatric Surgery

While I know it has done wonders to improve some folks quality of life, I must say that after tonight’s consultation session at Reading Hospital, bariatric surgery is mostly a big racket. 927 more words

Rich Meyer

An introduction

Welcome! With this blog, I am conbining two passions of mine – writing and bariatric surgery. I had gastric bypass surgery in May 2014, and I want to offer some tips, tricks, and suggestions to those considering bariatric surgery and those who have already had the surgery. 186 more words

Bariatric Surgery