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Is Malaysia’s Ruling Party Trying To Take Over Petronas?

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Dateline 2014-06-27, Valuewalk (huh?):

Petronas, Malaysia’s state-owned oil company, may be the target of take over by Barisan Nasional. While politicians have long interfered with the state-owned oil company’s operations, it appears that current CEO Tan Sri Shamsul Abbas is apparently coming under pressure to step down and elements of Malaysia’s ruling party are trying to remove him.


Gerrymandering in Malaysia...and Elsewhere

Partyforumseasia: In its August 9th -15th 2014 issue, The Economist, a British weekly, is taking up the gerrymandering issue which a majority of Malaysian voters may have forgotten already after the last election in May 2013. 409 more words

Political Parties In Southeast Asia

Sarawak polls next year?

KUCHING: In an indication that the state election could be close, Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Adenan Satem directs Barisan Nasional (BN) assemblymen to deliver all their promises to the people and resolve local issues by the end of the year. 293 more words


Malaysia: Is the UMNO/BN Dream Coming True?

Partyforumseasia Strategy-wise: Is the UMNO/BN dream (= seeing the PR opposition coalition committing suicide) coming true… or is it that their strategies are working? Knowing the systemic vulnerability of the UMNO/BN system by changing vote patterns and facing the extraordinary challenge by the Pakatan Rakyat opposition, held together by the charisma of Anwar Ibrahim, one might guess at least some of the defense strategies of the Barisan Nasional. 266 more words

Political Parties In Southeast Asia

Of Men & Menses

THERE were two firestorms that raged through social media this week. The first was in response to the hysterically irate, steering lock-wielding lady (now known as ‘Kiki’ from Kuantan), which I find has elicited the same magnitude of vitriol and venom as the infamous operators of pet hotel Pet Knode some years ago. 553 more words