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ngopi di kota hujan bareng aku yuk!

Batuk aku udah sembuh. Aku diajak ngopi sama Madre ke Ranin di Bogor. Kata Madre, waktu aku masih di perut, sering banget diajak ke sini. Terus, pas umur aku tiga bulan, aku juga diajak ke sini. 68 more words


Giving a shit about Coffee

In my final year as a student, I had the privilege (even though I didn’t see it as such at the time) of working as a… 926 more words

A Leap of Faith

I had doubts when I started this blog. Even up to now.

It was my first time; I’m no English major and I rarely write anything before. 417 more words


Wondering Linkly | Lattes, Mitt Romney and Asian girl makeup

Until I think of a better title, we have a new category!

Presenting “Wondering Linkly!” YAS!

Aren’t we all voracious content-consumers living and breathing the Cloud? 261 more words


ABCD School of Coffee X SOS Children's Villages + Toffin Product

December 17-19, 2014 were important dates for us. ABCD Class Batch 018 was held, and the participants were Nina, Dayat, Nugie, and the 16-years-old Ilham. They were the youngsters from… 598 more words

2015 на подходе.

6 Дней до Рождества, 9 дней до моей очередной поездки и 12 дней до Нового Года и Дня Рождения. Кажется, сейчас самое время написать последний в 2014 году пост.


Setback for the aspiring barista

Sometimes you forget basic things like if you have dogs, don’t leave anything edible where they can reach it.

Well, the aspiring barista stepped out for an hour this morning to get a haircut and go to the post office. 154 more words