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Passing Judgment

These days passing judgement is largely frowned upon despite how useful your judgemental nature actually is in scenarios that really could save your life. Does that bear look stronger than me? 1,034 more words


My Entirely Fictional European Sabbatical and Mini-Blogging, all for Entirely Selfish Reasons

Let’s get this out of the way: this is not a sabbatical. I am not a university professor on paid leave for a year, but rather a retired barista who owes a certain lass named Sallie Mae lots of money. 334 more words



Suka dengan kopi robusta?
Kadang kopi robusta di nomor duakan pagi beberapa penikmat kopi. Dikarenakan rasa yg dominan pait. Masih kalah dengan kopi arabica yg lebih memiliki rasa dan aroma yang beragam… 160 more words


Terry Belle

Terry worked at a factory in Robinson, Illinois. His mother lived in town, and they attended church together every Sunday. After church, Terry would venture into Indiana and arrive at the cafe I worked at. 847 more words


My first blog.

Hello there coffee lover.

Thank you for stopping by! While I am trying to think of something deeply profound to say, all I really would like to express is my sincerest gratitude. 27 more words


Coffee Shop Appreciation

Most people don’t want to go hang out where they work. Do doctors hang around hospitals; do pilots want to hop on flights every day? Not so much. 427 more words


Sudah pernah nyeduh kopi pake alat french press?

Hampir disetiap warung kopi atau coffeeshop selalu menyediakan alat seduh ini. simpel, classic, mudah digunakan dan tentunya murah harganya. 180 more words