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The five customer stereotypes every barista knows

The secret is out. As much as we are taught in life that judging is bad, cafe employees are some of the biggest offenders. There are some groups of customers that share the same characteristics (good or bad) that we recognise from a mile away, and opinions are shaped accordingly.

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Horsham's little "gems"

I know, I know it’s been a while. There has been plenty of happenings, most of them in my head. Brainstorming. How to create something out of nothing. 426 more words



A cup of one,
intoxicating you.
I watch your fingers,
working, working;
adoring –
pour some more… and more.
“Sitback, relax”
“I will be right back.” 52 more words


Sugar, Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Dripp is a coffee house located on City Center Drive on a busy corner of The Shoppes in Chino Hills.  When I first walked up there was a steady flow of customers. 550 more words


Gustation- UMAMI

Gustation can be defined as the act of tasting. There are 5 major tastes that human tongue can recognise excluding fatty as a taste. The energy quality of the taste become electrical signal that carries information to the brain about the substance on the tongue is known as taste transduction. 200 more words


Be Nice To Your Baristas

While patiently waiting in an oddly long line for late-night coffee at Java House last night (needed a little kick to keep me up to see… 530 more words

Bossy Boots