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3/15/14 | BANKS, "BRAIN"

BANKS, “BRAIN” – BARNABY ROPER.  More nervous-making writhing, this time with L.A.’s BANKS.  Barnaby Roper (who did the better of last year’s two “Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix)” videos) continues to play his favorite meta-Youtube trick of tossing 240p shots into high-res videos, causing You, Viewer to constantly re-check your settings widget and throw up your hands in router-fueled impatience.  37 more words


Banks - Brain (Official Music Video)

Banks has just released her latest music video for her Shlohmo-produced track ‘Brain’. The video was directed by Kanye West-collaborator Barnaby Roper. The visuals are psychedelic, dark and obscure. 36 more words


Terry Richardson - Aldo SS12

Aldo brought the scandal-photographer Terry Richardson on board with full awareness of what they are doing.
In the trendy pop video the model Anais Pouliot bites off in slow motion of her Popsicle and then she drops it unexpectedly. 12 more words