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Held by Production

After signing a lease with an operator, the Unit begins producing gas and the minerals would be considered “Held by Production”.

“Held by Production” means that your lease time frame stops and the minerals would be held as long as this Unit continues to produce gas. 201 more words

Barnett Shale

Barnett Shale map!

Not sure where Barnett Shale is located? Check this easy-to-read map that helps explain if you’re located in an area where Barnett Shale is!

Barnett Shale

Must read! Think you're a mineral owner?

This is a great article expressing how property owners are not always mineral owners! Please contact Barnett Gas Consultants and we can help you figure out the difference! 8 more words

Barnett Shale

Where Are Our Royalties?

In an attempt to join thousands of small mineral owners, Barnett Shale really became the first drilling operation to try and make this happen. The volume of mineral properties was so great that it was easier to make mistakes during this process to where mineral owners ended up not getting what they were truthfully owed. 203 more words

Barnett Shale

Lawyer seeks thousands of clients for case against Chesapeake | Local News | News from F...

Check out this invigorating story about local lawyer in Fort Worth that is helping mineral rights owners to get what they’re owed! Contact Barnett Gas Consultants to help you get what you’re owed! 15 more words

Barnett Shale

Study: North Texas Drilling Adds $11.8B To Economy

FORT WORTH (AP) — Production from the natural gas-rich Barnett Shale in North Texas has risen even as drilling activity and natural gas prices have fallen, according to a study commissioned by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce released Wednesday. 344 more words