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a break in a day filling paperwork

An image of spring this year, in the south of Fra nce is particularly ornate …… All pictures of this creation are under three weeks ….. 16 more words

Time Travel by Our Senses

I was watching a favourite TV show last week when one of the characters said something that really caught my notice.
The show is of the science fiction genre and in the episode concerned a number of the space ships crew had lost their memory. 486 more words


Campaigning? When is graffiti, not grafitti?

When is graffiti, not graffiti? When it is a part of an election campaign. Having visited Tasmania in the week leading up to the recent State election I was amazed by the amount of posters, placards and billboards that littered the landscape. 560 more words


J-10 Spring start to colored health

Alchemy which causes the spring started … The purple raised the dead leaves and look proudly toward the sun. The clouds of morning and evening shades of pink, orange and green and create new tables every day. 47 more words

He'll be back soon and I'm a living Artist

It’s my work.
I’m a professionnel.
An artist and This is the Soul of spring !!
It will be here in few days.
But, he is a good friend, so he give me the exclusivity of this portrait. 94 more words


Small sun brighten the hills and gardens. A strange scents that we can not forget.

Des petits soleil qui illuminent les collines et les jardins. Un ├ętrange parfums que l’on ne peux oublier.

1473, He's born !

Yes, but who ?
Nicolas Copernic, the guy who turned the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth ….
Heliocentrism a way to put a little order in the universal chaos …. 48 more words