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The Roosting Tree

As I just posted the great horned owl has seemingly driven out the barred owl(s) from their wintering grounds. Now it seems that owls have a similar sense of what provides a good roosting spot. 140 more words



I tried to do some glove work with the barred owls today. As the weather gets colder, I won’t want to sit out in their mew to read to them each week, but I also don’t want their training and socialization to just fall by the wayside. 825 more words


I don’t want to say “best day at the park ever” but… It’s probably pretty close.

I changed up the barreds’ feeding a little this morning. 1,606 more words


The crow didn’t arrive today, and for the better. They weren’t able to get her mew finished yesterday, so we would’ve had nowhere to properly house her. 1,673 more words


We’re going to be getting a new bird soon! Very soon. Possibly tomorrow soon. There have been some tie-ups and some legal precautions, and it’s not exactly clear just when she’ll be arriving, but it may be within the next few days to weeks. 453 more words


Never thought of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman writing a bedtime story, but the owls seem to treat it as such. I’ve been reading them  1,294 more words


Before I start to babble about the birds, I just want to take a moment to clarify something.

The more I’m working with the two barred owls, the more I’m seeing the “bad” barred exhibiting good behaviors, and the “good” barred exhibiting bad ones. 991 more words