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Barred Owl on garden fence just at dark

Just before dark I watches a pair of Barred Owls hunting in my front and side yard. I had lost sight of them until 5:55 PM when I saw this one land on a T-Post on a garden fence:

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Build an Owl a Home

Did you know you can attract owls to your yard by putting up nesting boxes? Of course this works best if your property is in a more rural area with lots of trees. 132 more words


Closer and closer

We were driving the country roads through Sax-Zim bog on a foggy, misty morning in northern Minnesota looking for Great Gray Owls along the side of the road, when we finally thought we had spotted one. 211 more words


Barred Owl

I found a Barred Owl sleeping in the thick bamboo branches at Bog Garden in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Bird Count: 166


Silent Fall/Winter Ended

This Fall and Winter were unusually silent.  Most of the birds were gone.  Not only in the Automatic Garden, but all over the area.  People had actually written to the city and community papers wondering what happened to the birds.  179 more words