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Spring is Springing Birds Free!

We released four birds over the course of a week! This video shows two of them, released on April 10th. The first, an immature Red-shouldered Hawk we call Tyson (because he is a spirited fighter) was released by Owl Moon volunteer Jaci Rutiser at Little Bennett Regional Park, in Clarkesburg, MD. 907 more words


I Lured a Barred Owl (Strix varia) to My Yard

I have never seen a great horned owl (Bubo virginianus) in the wild, but  I may have heard this owl’s call once or twice.  820 more words

Barred Owls and the Corkscrew Swamp

We walked into the quiet of the swamp along a boardwalk, pausing on the wooden slats to take in the sounds of the wrens and warblers as they greeted the dawn. 126 more words



I thought I heard the hoot of an owl this morning as I awoke. After rising, and after making the mandatory pot of coffee, I pulled on my jacket and went outside in the darkness…to sit and await the dawn…keeping company with the planet Venus, which hovered just above the tree line in silence. 312 more words


Barred Owls Frequenting Feeders

The number of Barred Owls seen near bird feeders recently makes one question whether these birds are, in fact, in dire need of food. Certainly the extended period of deep snow this winter has made finding prey challenging. 154 more words


Friday Five ~ Reasons to be grateful for an extended winter

Maybe I’m reaching a bit, but…

1. Bare branches reveal shy visitors:

2. It’s the perfect time to make this citrus salad with goat cheese-stuffed dates… 297 more words


Barred Owls

Last weekend, I took my kayak out of winter storage and went in search of the Barred Owls  that live across the lake in a wooded area surrounding a creek that flows into the lake. 387 more words

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