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Barred Rock cockerel, $450

Here is a young Barred Plymouth Rock rooster that is almost silent following the crow reduction surgery.  You can stand with your back to him and not even know he is crowing.  45 more words


First egg!

My husband and I are happy to announce that our hens (well, one of them) have started laying! Mike found it in the nesting box when he was closing up the coop last night. 17 more words


Raising Chickens and the Most Expensive Eggs I've Ever Eaten

Raising chickens is not for the impatient.  Since starting with chickens in April, I have gotten exactly 9 eggs and have no more coming.  After what I’ve spent on feed alone, this comes out to around $10 an egg. 473 more words

Chickens vs. Depression

Before I post pictures of the girls, I wanted to share this article that a friend shared with me a few days ago.  In England, there is a movement to curb depression and isolation by introducing chicken keeping to the elder community.   134 more words


I've missed you...

It’s been forever! Not really…but it has been a couple of days!

Things have been busy on our “wannabe” homestead…

We are trying to breed our rhode island red chickens to have more rhode island red chickens. 126 more words