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Chick update!

Check out the chicks!   Roxy (the barred rock below – get it?) is checking out grass and dirt for the first time here.

They’re 5 weeks old or so, almost old enough to go out in the coop & run all by themselves. 8 more words


Spring garden chores

Don’t be fooled by this sunshine in the garden. The temperature is 25 degrees with a wind howling from the North. The snow has melted from the garden this past week, but the forecast is calling for more later this week. 18 more words

Spring, sprang, sprung

It has been a little quiet here on the blog. Spring is a busy time, planting seeds (the peas, lettuce, kale, and strawberries are in fine fettle), trying to train the yaks do to anything at all (stubborn beasts that are a bit frisky this time of year), eggs – too many eggs, which has been a good way to meet some new neighbors, horse play (with actual horses!) and so much more. 22 more words

News from the coop

Bertha, who joined us in October last, was not long for this world.

Two weeks ago, she was clearly unwell – bleeding from her rear end. 391 more words


Egg-laying season is finally here!

I haven’t collected fresh eggs from my girls since October, so it’s been a long winter of eating store-bought eggs again.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been feeding them enough calcium, so their eggshells are thin and brittle, and I’ve had to throw out 2 eggs already because of cracked shells.  245 more words



The 3 Barred Rock chicks are 2 weeks old.  They’re getting lots of attention from the rest of the family.  Their combo-condo is a cardboard box, plus mini-Pearl’s pink wire “apartment”.  40 more words

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