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Chickens vs. Depression

Before I post pictures of the girls, I wanted to share this article that a friend shared with me a few days ago.  In England, there is a movement to curb depression and isolation by introducing chicken keeping to the elder community.   134 more words


I've missed you...

It’s been forever! Not really…but it has been a couple of days!

Things have been busy on our “wannabe” homestead…

We are trying to breed our rhode island red chickens to have more rhode island red chickens. 126 more words

Hen House Saga

I am crazy about chickens and proud of it! It’s been quite a while since I wrote about our pullets, yet they are a big part of daily life at Coppertop. 986 more words

Long Overdue Update

I guess no news is good news!

Molly, Mary, and Trudy are all doing great and getting bigger every week! You may have noticed that I said Trudy instead of Rudy; since my husband decided that Rudy wasn’t a “girl” name, she is now Trudy!  174 more words


Nesting Box Curtains

The baby chicks are about 12 weeks old now. They are in the coop with the two older-ish hens we have (who are only 9 months old themselves). 90 more words


Joker, Buttercup, Bobbi and Autumn


Joker is my cross beak wonder. I got her from the same place I got all my others from and she was listed as an Ameracauna but shes actually an Easter Egger. 551 more words