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A Beastly Year

It has been almost exactly one year since my last blog post. Aside from other life occurrences that have kept me from this blog, here are the updates on the homestead home front. 343 more words


Happy Hens

We’re up to three eggs a day! The hens are 21 weeks old, and we expect to have an abundance of eggs soon. Martha (a barred rock hen), Scarlet (a rhodie), and one of the ameraucanas have been laying one egg each day. 47 more words

Camera Shy

They continue to grow and are very interested in my husband and I when we come anywhere near the coop. However, the second my camera comes out they get shy and immediately head the other direction. 13 more words



Hatsy has quickly became my favorite chicken.  I love everything about her.   When we drew up our short list of chicken breeds she was on the top 6 but not in my original order of 4 from Meyer Hatchery .   389 more words

Ladies & Gentlemen?

On July 4th, my husband was away doing a living history event at Monocacy National Battlefield for the 150th Anniversary, so I spent some time getting to know the girls. 256 more words



We’ve spent a beautiful, full Saturday touring seven inspirational gardens at the yearly Port Angeles Petals & Pathways Garden Tour, sponsored by the Clallam County Master Gardeners. 470 more words

Meet the Girls: Sweetpea

Sweetpea wins the award for the greatest improvement. We named her Sweetpea due to her extremely shy nature as a chick – she wouldn’t show herself for the first couple of days with us! 264 more words