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Cabos Power from the Pacific.

Had an amazing time in Cabo. They want you to stay out of the pacific side but I had to test the waters. Experience Necessary.


Don't tune your own clarinet until....

when, as a young man, I used to visit as many repair shope for woodwinds as I could find, used to watch the techies working on clarinets, sometimes my teacher with me, and then, alone. 578 more words


Early Saturday Morning.

I woke up yesterday and went straight to the beach. Got there just before 8am. It was high tide and the water was glass.


Rain Dance

“Why can’t it ever be sunny here?” – Kyler Vos

Josh Mulcoy (above & below)

Raph Bruhwiler (above & below)

Janek Peladeau

Simon Bauer

Ryan Oke


Cash On The Barrelhead

There are thousands of idioms spoken and we here at Paso Wine Barrels use many of them. From ‘a dime a dozen’ to ‘you can’t take it with you’, there are thousands with meanings for each of them. 335 more words

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