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Umm....Incoming! [UPDATED]

Bottom of this post shows how many times Anders Brevik's manifesto cited right-wing, anti-Muslim writers thediaryofdaedalus.com/2014/03/27/its…
Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) April 16, 2014

I don’t think anyone here would’ve expected that our fun little blog get a tweeted link from a recent Polk and Pulitzer awarded journalist anytime soon, but that just happened.

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Little Green Footballs

Barrett Brown accepts plea deal with the FBI

It would appear that the case against Barrett Brown has entered the endgame. Two court documents suggest that he has accepted a plea deal to allow the FBI to save face. 284 more words


Publishing Podcast Episode 40 Book Numbers, Booze and Barrett Brown


Episode with Peter & Deena – Deena’s first time letting someone else edit…

Book Numbers, Booze and Barrett Brown:  In this week’s podcast Deena and Peter discuss the importance of owning your own ISBN numbers and the possibility of sharing them with other authors.   109 more words


“The future will be old people in big cities, afraid of the sky.”

No matter how commercial or  ‘mainstream’ people say SXSW has gotten, you can always rely on Bruce Sterling to keep it weird. He used his closing address to quietly scare everyone to death with his… 483 more words


Barrett Brown in Brooklyn [Added Letter]

First, a funny discovery. Barrett Brown, besides the similarity where private spook contractors are concerned, as well as the unhealthy interest in ugly US history and occasional {read: almost always} use of humor, sarcasm, and parody as part of discussing dark matters and other stupid stuff, lived in Brooklyn for a time that overlapped with my own time there. 1,480 more words

‘It’s Information Warfare Against Journalism, Against the Public’

The state now wants to make sharing unapproved information a crime,” DSWright writes at FireDogLake. “Which is to say the stakes in the Barrett Brown case could not be higher.”

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Constitutional Rights

Prosecutors drops Criminal charges against Journalist Barrett Brown

US federal prosecutors have moved to withdraw all but six of the seventeen charges levelled against Barrett Brown, and dismiss a majority of charges related to sharing a link to a dump of credit card numbers connected to the breach of intelligence firm Stratfor. 25 more words