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US Government's Argument Against Barrett Brown “Should Chill Journalists to the Bone”

(TheAntiMedia) Journalist and activist Barrett Brown appeared in a Federal Court in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday. Brown was brought before Judge Sam Lindsay wearing the stereotypical orange jumpsuit. 1,914 more words


Barrett Brown: why his sentencing hearing was sabotaged; his case should now be thrown out

On Tuesday the sentencing of Barrett Brown, a US journalist, was delayed for a second time and postponed until January 22 of next year. At the hearing the prosecution dramatically presented 500 pages of new evidence, seemingly unrelated to the charges to which Brown was awaiting sentencing. 768 more words


Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 18

Aha! We knew he was working for someone!

Well, kittens, now that we’ve cracked that case, let’s turn our eyes to other outrages and crimes against humanity, by which we mean everything from Assange’s Santa beard on down. 277 more words


Barrett Brown Sentencing Delayed Until Next Year

Well, if you want to be technical it’s set for January 22. For now.

The reason Barrett Brown’s sentencing is set for January 22, 2015 instead of December 16, 2014 as it was originally, is that on December 16 the prosecution threw 500 pages of new documents at the court, and the judge needs time to read it. 356 more words


What a coward. [Updated]

Charles is crowing that today Barrett Brown will be sentenced.

Charles is pissing on Barrett Brown, knowing his target can not respond. This is the act of a coward. 97 more words

Charles "Icarus" Johnson

Barrett Brown of #Anonymous Sentenced Today: Watch the Full Arrest Video

And by “full” we mean with several minutes of post-arrest porn cut out of it. Yes, this is what happens when you get busted and manhandled by the Federal Bureau of Investigations: people in your chat session upload porn while you’re getting roughed up and patted down. 1,088 more words