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The beginnings of the barrister dream.

With parents as solicitors I was used to hearing legal jargon thrown around the dinner table. I knew the difference between being a barrister and a solicitor from an early age, I knew what latin terms such as mens rea and compos mentis meant long before I attended university.  873 more words


Old Bailey London

My novel Crucial Evidence is set in the London with which I was very familiar. Until a  few years ago I was often working at the Central Criminal Court, more commonly known as the Bailey to the lawyers who work in there. 508 more words


Call Day

I just dropped my suit jacket off to be dry-cleaned in time for Call Day. That’s right I am being called to the bar in the next few days. 425 more words

Proud to Be

Dear Chris,

you probably do not recall meeting me. I am just one of a number of angry lawyers that you have met with over the last year or so. 440 more words


Two Fat Ladies

Who remembers the Two Fat Ladies who were on South African television in the nineties? They were so refreshing. It was Jennifer Paterson – the well-known cookery columnist – and Clarissa Dickson-Wright – the barrister. 110 more words

First Blog

Welcome all,

My name is Charis Hill, and I am a 20 year old law student. As is the case with many law students my ambition is to become a qualified solicitor. 101 more words

Aspiring Attorney