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The Great War postponed in 1905

From They Told Barron:

New York, Wednesday, January 16, 1924. At dinner given by Mrs. Herbert Straus, Bunau-Varila said:

” I was with the Assistant Secretary of State Loomis and Senator Lodge in 1905 and declared to them that a great war was impending as Germany had already made two war declarations–one in respect to Algiers and the other regarding the putting out of the cabinet of Delcasse . 121 more words


Rags to Riches to Rags - Speculation in the 1870s

January 16, 1922. On Knickerbocker train to New York. Ex-Governor McCall of Massachusetts said:

“Thomas W. Lawson told me once that he was worth $30,000,000 of which $17,000,000 was in government and municipal securities and I think he was telling me the truth. 296 more words


The Trouble with Harvard

From They Told Barron:

Boston, January 3, 1922. Robert Bradley said:


“The trouble with Harvard University is that a man is not taught to do anything thoroughly. 171 more words


Herbert Hoover: Most Dangerous Man in the Cabinet

From They Told Barron:

About January 3, 1923.  S. Davies Warfield tells me:

“The case of the railroads is getting stronger every day, but getting worse in politics and at Washington. 91 more words


They Told Barron

I got a pile of old used books in the mail today, mostly titles I had found in the notes and bibliography of Lundberg’s America’s 60 Families. 505 more words


Inspired by Ragamuffin

Every get the feeling like nothing you say will make a difference? The feeling like the whole day is in front of you but there is nothing to look forward to? 663 more words


My 2015 wish for you...

Happy 2015!

I have a wish for you….

I wish you to see the beauty in all things – large things and small things.
I wish you to embrace the idea of silly and strive to be it often! 114 more words