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The Party Is Over

Gonzalo is gone after battering Bermuda with destructive wind, heavy rain, powerful waves and storm surge. Fortunately there are no known fatalities but there is a mess to cleanup in the wake of the Category 2 Hurricane that made landfall around 8:30 PM AST Friday. 430 more words


Coming Attractions

Tropical Storm Fay battered Bermuda early Sunday with official wind gusts to 82 mph and unofficial reports from higher elevated locations of the island at 86 mph at Devonshire and a whopping 109 mph at Smiths Parish! 637 more words


Total Lunar Eclipse In Store For Wednesday Morning

BOSTON (CBS) – There will be a rare cosmic sight early Wednesday morning. Weather permitting, you will be able to see the total eclipse of the moon and the rising sun simultaneously! 504 more words


Milder Weather On The Way

After last weekend’s wonderful weather featuring a¬†summery sizzle with even some new record high temperatures in places, Boston has endured 104 consecutive hours of readings below 60 degrees as of 8 o’clock this morning! 565 more words


Pleasant Week Ahead

Yesterday morning was a chiller as premium radiational cooling conditions resulted in temperatures tumbling to near freezing. Many places got nipped by frost making it one of the earliest frosts in many years compared to the average first frost dates. 550 more words


Quiet Weather Week

After some breathtaking photos and videos of the Aurora Borealis Friday night, we were treated to another sky spectacle being the stunning sunset yesterday. The arrival of streamers of high cloudiness during the afternoon created a cascade of crazy colors all over the place. 517 more words


The Heat Has Been Beat!

The warmest stretch of the summer occurred in the 7-day period from August 31 through September 6! The mean temperature for the first 6 days of the month is an astounding 10 degrees above average and the highest temperature of the summer happened on September 2! 626 more words