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Double Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

After months in Vietnam, I’m finally reunited with my oven. I was so eager to bake (and eat!) something, that I forgot to take good pictures, so you will have to trust me when I say these bars are divine. 368 more words


Caramel oat bars

Some days are just horrible and stressful, and the only way to dull the edges is with chocolate. One of our litter is rather ill and dehydrated, so it’s rather scary to be in charge of a bunch of small lives and watch them like a hawk. 855 more words


Sweet potato cherry chunk brownies

Today was pretty hectic! I finished a big editing job on the last minute, medicated some of the kittens, fixed up the sick kitten room to prevent them eating rust, wrapped presents (badly), and barely made it to the shower and out in time for a girl’s day out with pals. 563 more words


Death by Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownies

Gooey, intense dark chocolate and peanut butter brownies, topped with a serious peanut butter frosting. This is not a brownie, this is a brownie experience. 492 more words

Minty cherry cream and brownie sundae

Man-thing was hard at work this past week marking his students’ exam papers, so naturally that leads to a type of misery infusing his spirit. In such circumstances I don’t want to leave him in a funk of sadness, and I address the problem the only way I know he’ll appreciate: with sugar.Of course, since I don’t actually like processed sugar, I take the natural route, which equals sugar-free, delicious day-time desserts to spoil him and leave him happy. 857 more words


Apple Pie Bars


Hi. My days in Hanoi are coming to an end, which feels bittersweet. I love Vietnam, Hanoi is an amazing city, and teaching here has been a privilege, but I also miss home terribly. 563 more words

Bars And Brownies

12 Weeks Of Christmas | Week 4: Brownie Cookies

I could only manage one post last week since we were off in Goa for a little break. But now it’s back to baking, full steam! 814 more words