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Happy Belated Easter

This past Easter I went to my husband’s aunt’s house for brunch. I was in charge of bringing potatoes or hash brown. This is my first time making any type of potatoes for a large group and since I don’t usually celebrate Easter, I didn’t know what a hot item hash browns were. 282 more words


Shim Sham Room

Last night was fun. This is one of my favorite bars. Where is your favorite place to drink?

DMK Burger Bar - Lombard, IL

I’ve been hearing rave reviews about a local place called DMK Burger Bar. They opened a location in the West Suburbs that just happens to be a bit more convenient than the original spot in Lakeview and some coworkers insisted we give it a try for lunch. 160 more words

A Man Called Goat

I spent the past week in Austin where, as you can imagine, I encountered many colorful cowboys.  I received two marriage proposals while I was there– the first from a one-legged homeless man and another from a flirtatious two-stepper who proposed marriage to me and then followed my male friend into the men’s room and asked him if his pubic hair was straight or curly.   507 more words


Nifty Fifty

The most recent issue of Observer Food Monthly was a great way to reflect on some of the amazing places and people I’ve met through work that have also made it into the… 71 more words


Facing a Post-Pre-Flite Future

The Pre-Flite Lounge only has a few days left. We all knew this day would come at some point and, I guess, it’s better that it has to go because of a major development project instead of it simply just drying up and dying for no good reason. 306 more words


Pre-Workout Snack Ideas

Fueling up before raving the bar is the key to any successful spin class. A mix of easy to digest carbohydrates, proteins, and fluids will rev up your energy to keep you fired up for our entire 45 minute… 322 more words