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A Moment in Church History

When one stops and looks at the church of Jesus the Christ, one does not have to look hard to realize that it, at several points along its’ existence, has gone astray in the realms of orthodox theology and thought. 1,594 more words

"A Friendly Conversation"

It’s exam week. As usual, Karl Barth has words to keep everything in perspective:

No one should study merely in order to pass an examination, to become a pastor, or in order to gain an academic degree.

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How I See Barth

This comes in the context of a facebook discussion, where the issues of Barth being a modalist, his trinitarian theology and doctrine of election were brought up. 475 more words


#otdimjh 10 December 1968 death of Karl Barth, theologian of Messiah, Church and Israel

Karl Barth (May 10, 1886 – December 10, 1968)

Karl Barth, an outstanding theologian of the 20th century, friend of the Jewish people, and explorer of the relationship between the Church and Israel in the Messiah, died on this day in 1968, aged 72. 807 more words


'Theology's Epistemological Dilemma' - Initial Thoughts

Theology’s Epistemological Dilemma‘, by Kevin Diller, is a fantastic book. That’s the first thing that should be said about it.The second thing that should be said is that it is, given the subject-matter, remarkably clear. 254 more words


"How are Things in Your Heart?"

A word for theologians, (and theologians in training):

The story if told that the once famous Professor Tholuck of Halle used to visit the rooms of his students and press them with the questions, “

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"Avengers of Their Grandfathers"

More Barth, on how to view our theological fathers:

Time and time again, the community grows used to living from what was said in it and to it yesterday: …

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