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Biblical Inerrancy?

“The Bible is inerrant.”

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read that statement? What emotions arise? Do you respond with “Amen! 2,234 more words


The Barthian distortions in Aulen's atonement typology

I’m getting ready to write a couple pieces for a reference volume on atonement, and that has got me thinking once again about how profoundly strange Aulen’s Christus Victor is. 435 more words

Christian Theology

Philosophy and the Abrahamic Faiths

It is a worthy question to ask why the various Abrahamic faiths have different attitudes to philosophy. Here are some of my embryonic thoughts on the matter. 1,116 more words


Can we give God a name?

I’m publishing one of my papers that I wrote during my first year at the GTU. I tried to publish it in Nova et Vetera… 321 more words

Thomas Aquinas

What if the Above comes from Below?

When you study theology and get down into its bowels, you discover a debate between “Theology from Above” versus “Theology from Below.” Theology From Below means exploring our spiritual intuitions/feelings about God, and using those insights to construct our theology.  541 more words


Jesus Christ and the Essence of Christianity

It is well known that Adolf von Harnack along with other German theologians of the early 20th century promoted a “return” to the essence of Christianity. 626 more words


Two thoughts on Paul Harding's Tinkers

I wanted to do a post on Paul Harding’s Tinkers, which I recently finished reading. Two thoughts: first, how I would situate Harding’s book in contemporary American fiction; second, a brief thought on how the book relates to the defenses of the humanities in previous posts. 1,157 more words