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What if the Above comes from Below?

When you study theology and get down into its bowels, you discover a debate between “Theology from Above” versus “Theology from Below.” Theology From Below means exploring our spiritual intuitions/feelings about God, and using those insights to construct our theology.  541 more words


Jesus Christ and the Essence of Christianity

It is well known that Adolf von Harnack along with other German theologians of the early 20th century promoted a “return” to the essence of Christianity. 626 more words


Two thoughts on Paul Harding's Tinkers

I wanted to do a post on Paul Harding’s Tinkers, which I recently finished reading. Two thoughts: first, how I would situate Harding’s book in contemporary American fiction; second, a brief thought on how the book relates to the defenses of the humanities in previous posts. 1,157 more words


There is Good Theology and Bad Theology, And it has Good Consequences or Bad Ones: How Jesus Can 'Save' Theology and Us

There is good theology and bad theology, whether or not someone is a Christian or not, whether someone is a naturalist, nihilist, a self-proclaimed non-religious person, etc. 974 more words

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Apple announces 9 new CarPlay partners including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Fiat

Apple today announced nine additional partners committed to shipping CarPlay integration in future vehicles marking the first expansion to that list since the feature was officially introduced in March. 258 more words

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World Cup of Theologians: Switzerland - Karl Barth

The World Cup of Theologians is a blog series that coincides with the 2014 World Cup Tournament. Each team in the round of 16 has an entry with the biography of a noteworthy theologian or leader from that same country.

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Devotional - Romans 7.15


Romans 7.15

I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing that I hate.  613 more words

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