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Prayer for Holy Week (Karl Barth)

Lord our God, we are gathered here on this day to consider how you have carried out your good, firm will for the world and for all of us, by allowing our Lord Jesus Christ, your dear Son, to be captured that we might be free; to be found guilty that we might be found innocent; to suffer that we might rejoice; and to be given over to death that we might live forever.

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What is Natural Theology? and Why It Should be Abhorred.

Often I reference Natural Theology on my forum/blog, but I do not often give an explanation for what it is in a basic sense. So with this post I hope to quickly remedy that by providing a basic definition of what natural… 1,593 more words

Karl Barth

Barth/Kierkegaard; on God's relation.

In my readings of Barth, which is fairly limited, he already has had a big influence over me on how to approach the Christian message and exposition of the Gospel. 224 more words


Dedicated to Sean Mathison: A Reflection on Suffering and Jesus Christ

This short essay is dedicated to a brother who I know through a mutual friend (Pastor Carlos Velasquez a  la Redondo Beach, CA), Sean Mathison. Sean just underwent a cancer resection surgery today (March 24, 2014) to remove a cancerous tumor from his brain; he still has one tumor that remains inoperable. 1,514 more words

Karl Barth

Easter Before Good Friday: A Reflection on 'The Creed' by Karl Barth and Me

Was Crucified, Dead, And Buried, He Descended Into Hell

How do you think of God revealed in Jesus? Do you primarily think of him through the lens of the cross? 833 more words

Karl Barth

Note on Barth and God

The most distinctive thing about Barth’s approach to the doctrine of God is his refusal to apply our conceptions to God – that is, the refusal to start with an idea of, say, omnipotence, or justice or wisdom, and then apply it to God. 181 more words


Another Note on Barth

For all his rejection of the classical metaphysical understanding of God, Barth isn’t actually all that far from the classical understanding – he certainly gets there by a very different road, but it’s not all that different.