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A Little Bit about "The Triumph of Grace ... " and "A Half Century ... "

As well as Berkouwer’s ‘Studies in Dogmatics’, there are the interesting books – The Triumph of Grace in the Theology of Karl Barth & A Half Century of Theology. 124 more words

Some Comments on Barth on “Universal Election Without Universal Salvation”

Barth has tried to affirm universal election without moving from there to universal salvation. There have been different reactions to his theology.
(a) Some have written positively about this approach – affirming universal election without embracing universal salvation. 206 more words

G C Berkouwer and Karl Barth on "The Knowledge of Revelation"

Knowledge of revelation is, according to G C Berkouwer, arrived at not through natural theology but through experience of the salvation of God “that opens doors and windows towards God’s handiwork” (General Revelation (GR), p. 399 more words


Berkouwer’s Critique Of Barth’s Theology

Berkouwer recognized that Barth himself held back from explicitly teaching universal salvation.This did not prevent Berkouwer from offering a penetrating critique of Barth’s theology. Berkouwer is appealing to others, who may, through the influence of Barth’s writings, be drawn towards universal salvation. 127 more words

Stephen Holmes' Trinity back to the classics and away from the Moderns

Here is a post I began to write back in April of this year as I finished Stephen Holmes’ excellent book The Quest For The Trinity.  618 more words

Karl Barth

A Moment in Church History

When one stops and looks at the church of Jesus the Christ, one does not have to look hard to realize that it, at several points along its’ existence, has gone astray in the realms of orthodox theology and thought. 1,594 more words

"A Friendly Conversation"

It’s exam week. As usual, Karl Barth has words to keep everything in perspective:

No one should study merely in order to pass an examination, to become a pastor, or in order to gain an academic degree.

190 more words