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Swimmer's ear

And sometimes I swim
even when I don’t want to
because of hearing my father
wending his way slowly
up to the roof of the Dos Mille… 19 more words


When You Are Injured...

Injuries are a part of our sport. They are never planned for and hard to cope with. Sometimes, you are angry, other times, you become demotivated knowing that all the fitness you’ve attained will dwindle away. 883 more words

Afternoon Trip To Barton Springs

I took a swim today in a natural spring which always is “really really cold! 68 degrees Fahrenheit!” (Which is 20 degrees Celsius. We certainly come from different worlds…) 56 more words


<3 postcard friday

What a week! It’s been a very busy, very productive week in the land of WWLA AND I learned something new with the blog… I can add a gallery of photos instead of posting each individual card- go figure! 260 more words

Why We Love Austin

Batgirl Part 2

Attack of the Spiders 2: The Return

I dont know what Meg and I are doing wrong but we woke up with another creepy crawly visitor Sunday morning, this time in my shoe. 644 more words

#19 Etegami: Keeping Austin Weird

In Etegami, there are no rules. That’s the beauty of the spontaneous picture postcards sent from one to another. No special talent, no special reason – just a simple “I’m thinking of you.” Both participants in the deal communicate from the heart, or at least that is how I see it. 282 more words

#18 Etegami: Thirst on a Hot Summer Day

Etegami, in it’s purest form, captures the essence of a moment… A tiny fragment of time in the artists day. In this case, a bottle of ice-cold water on a scorching summer day. 87 more words