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Barwell backs further spending cuts that hit Croydon hardest

The ConDem government announced ever more cuts to local authorities this week, with Croydon Council losing another £5.8 million from its spending power.

This really is the politics of cowards, with David Cameron and his Chancellor, Gideon Osborne, unwilling to take the economic flak, but happy to pass the impact of their failed policies down the line, with Labour-controlled local authorities often carrying the biggest burden. 516 more words


Croydon NHS crisis as only 51% of ambulances achieve target

Lives of the elderly, frail and ill could be at risk this winter, as Croydon’s NHS ambulance service struggles to cope with demand.

Barely half of ambulance call-outs in Croydon achieved their target response times this autumn – and that was before the cold, dark winter nights and the annual winter increase in demand for emergency NHS care. 737 more words


Miliband declares 'Our Time Isn't Now' for Croydon Labour

Croydon Council is set to lose a devastating £25 million more from its central government grant if Labour wins the General Election in May.

Ed Miliband, the Labour Party leader, made a speech in The City yesterday trying to gain credibility with voters on running the country’s finances. 861 more words

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Barwell's latest cunning stunt leaves him bridging alone

HAS GAV GIVEN UP (Part 94)? As election stunts go, Gavin Barwell’s latest has all the hallmarks of the desperate or the deluded. Or the desperately deluded. 1,245 more words

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Express opinions on migration that ignore the facts

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Tis the season to run scare stories about immigration, without any concern for reality, writes ANDREW FISHER

We will soon be reading annual headlines about how immigrants want Christmas banned or about schools banning nativity plays. 887 more words


Barwell at odds on Twitter with his own chances of re-election

After Emily Thornberry’s summary execution, you might think that a politicians, however low-ranking, would realise that Twitter’s 140 characters are too dangerous a medium for aimless musings, especially when encountering crosses of St George. 605 more words