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Jones's campaign given £10,000 boost by ex-LibDem peer

WALTER CRONXITE on the latest intriguing developments in Croydon’s marginal parliamentary constituency

Sarah Jones, Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Croydon Central, has been given a £10,000 donation towards her campaign funds by someone who sat in parliament as a member of the ConDem coalition. 928 more words


Sutton Tory refuses to canvass for beleaguered Barwell

An official Conservative Party election candidate in a south London constituency is refusing to help Tory MP Gavin Barwell in his battle to hold on to his seat in Croydon Central. 749 more words


Selhurst loses a councillor and champion in Gerry Ryan

STEVEN DOWNES attempts to pay tribute to Gerry Ryan

It was Gerry Ryan’s 57th birthday yesterday. That, by any measure, is too young an age at which to die, but after many months suffering a debilitating form of cancer, finally, the Selhurst councillor could fight no more. 1,012 more words


Labour election campaign gets third organiser in six months

Is being the assistant to Sarah Jones, Labour’s candidate in Croydon Central at the General Election, more insecure as a job than being manager at Crystal Palace Football Club? 756 more words


Lies, damned lies and MP Barwell's economic statistics

ANDREW FISHER highlights factual inexactitudes in the spin of a local MP

According to Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell, we should all be worshipping at the altar of George Osborne: the economy is on the up. 1,218 more words


Ashcroft offers MP Barwell a job reference - before election

HAS GAV GIVEN UP (Part 94)? Many a true word said in jest, they say.

But could a New Year’s Eve offer of a job reference from Tory Party donor Lord Cashcroft be the biggest vote of no-confidence yet in the chances of Gavin Barwell to continue as a Croydon MP after the General Election in May? 617 more words


Council orders halt to work on Menta site over unpaid levy

Action. Of sorts. At long last.

Residents in all communities tend to look to their council to represent their interests in matters of local planning and development. 869 more words